Forbidden Love

This story is about a girl named Kate who is Harry Stlyes older sister. She falls in love with Niall but Harry doesn't like that since he is his friend and she is his sister.


2. Confessions

**Skip to lunch**


Niall's pov:

It was time for lunch and I was walking around with Kate. I spotted Liam, Louis, and Zayn in the distance so Kate and I headed that way. I introduced Kate to Liam then Louis and finally Zayn. I was pretty sure she didn't know the other members of the band because she didn't fangirl or ask. Kate was laughing and playing around with Louis so I had a chance to talk to Liam since he was "Daddy Direction". I told him that she was Harry's older sister and that she doesn't know the other members of the band. "Where's Harry?" Liam asked concerned since he still hasn't shown up. "I don't know Liam" I said answering his question.


Kate's pov:

Niall was talking with Liam for a while now and they kept pointing and looking at me. I was also worried because I haven't seen Harry since the morning. I decided to give Harry a call and ask him where he was. "Hey sis" Harry said as he answered the phone. "Hey bro where are you I'm worried?" I asked him as a responsible older sister. "I'm looking for the lads, they all go to this school." He said. "Oh, can you come over here where I am please I want to introduce you to some new friends." I said. "Sure sis where are you?" He said. "Im by the stage" I replied. "Oh I see you, Bye." He said while hanging up. I turned around to the voice of my little brother calling my name. I ran up to him and gave him a big hug. he picked me up my feet and twirled me around. I led him to where Niall, Louis, Liam and Zayn were. "Guys this is my little brother Harry." I yelled to them. They all turned and were shocked. They ran up to him and yelled "Hazza!" At that point I was confused.


Harry's pov:

When my sister Kate introduced me to her new friends they turned out to be the guys. I forgot she didn't know who they were so I wasn't surprised with her expression. "Sis these are the other lads in the band" I told her. "Wh-what?" Was all she could say since she was shocked. "Sorry I didn't tell you before Kate I just was shocked that you were Harry's older sister." Niall told Kate.


Kate's pov:

So I find out that Niall, Liam, Louis, and Zayn were the other boys that were in One Direction. I was kinda sad that Niall was a member because I was really starting to like him and I knew Harry wouldn't allow us to be together since he's my brother and Niall is his friend. All the boys were asking Harry questions on why he didn't tell them he had an older sister.

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