The Journey

When Breanna and her friends Taylor and Jade try out for a school play (Romeo and Juliet) the teacher tells them that they will get a very special group that will play the boy main roles. But what happens when everybody gets the wrong part it's just bound to go down or uphill? Read while Breanna goes threw some twist and turns with the boys she doesnt like very much!


2. Try-outs!!

Breanna's (POV)
I am so excited! For what you may ask, well my school play is coming up. Well I guess I should say try-outs and guess what play were doing........ "Romoe and Juliet!" I can't believe it I love this play soo much and the best part about it is I'm doing it with my 2 bestest friends Jade and Taylor.

It took me and Jade awhile to convince Taylor to do it but in the end she agreed(forced) to it. Now your probably wondering what part were trying out for well I'm going out for "Juliet's Nurse." Jades going out for "Juliet" and Taylor's going out for "Juliet's mom."

So we go to the auditorium and their our drama teacher stands she said she had something really important to tell us! "okay ladies and gentlemen before we start grabbing our script and trying out for roles I would like to introduce you to a very special group that we are having play our boy main roles." oh great this is gonna be good please be someone cute! " their in a boy band called One Direction." One Frieking Direction I HATE THEM SOO MUCH they don't have good music and plus my sister loved them so much and so she wanted to meet them so she ran away trying to meet them well she has never came back and that was 1 year ago. "boys please come on out and introduce yourself." great just great why can't it be the wanted or anybody else.

They came out " Hi we're One Direction" "no kidding stupid" I said under my breathe so no one could hear but of course my two best friends turned to me and glared at me. All of a sudden everyone starts running twords them while I just sat their looking at the ceiling until finally the teacher said "Ok everyone grab you scripts and start rehearsing the lines for the role you want to tryout for." so I went to the box that was by the boys picked up a script not even looking at the boys turned around started to walk away when I slipped on some water and almost fell flat on my face until I felt 2 people's musicular arms around my waist. I look up to see 2 boys glaring at each other. I think their names were Niall and Harry. I wonder why they were glaring at each other maybe they got in a fight earlier today oh we'll none of my business so I push the boys off me give them both a glare and sat down reviewing my lines.

*20 minutes later*
"okay class I hope you are ready to try out." I was so nervous I could hardly breathe. "Breanna Marie your up first" oh great why me. "Hi" I said to our drama teacher then the stupid boys say "Hello love" hello love? Our they from England what are they doing here in California USA. "So what role our you trying out for "Juliet's Nurse" I said through gritted teeth. Harry said, " I don't think you should try-out for Juliet's Nurse I think you try-out for Juliet cause I would love to kiss you." he said with a wink. " I'm good I wouldn't want to kiss those dry lips." I said pointing him and glaring. The blonde one I think his names Niall said " Haha Harry she told you remember I called dibs anyways." I'm so fuming right now I'm not anyone's dibs their so stupid!! " By the way I'm not anyone's dibs and can I please try-out now." I try to say politely. They were both staring at me the whole time I audition like they were in a daze. They were cute but I would never like after what they did to my sister.

Harry's (POV)
I can't believe she said that now I'm gonna make sure gets Juliet so she has to kiss these dry lips. Ahhaha in her pretty face! Wait did I just call her pretty no Haz you can't think that way!

Niall's (POV)
Haha I can't believe she told Harry off like that now that was super funny! She is cute and funny now that's my kinda girl!

Breanna's (POV)
Next up was Jade she was kinda upset that Harry said that to me but she shook it off all through the audition Liam was staring at her. I thought that kid had a girlfriend though. Next was taylor she did really good then she smiled at Zayn and Zayn smiled back and winking! Aww how cute.

All in all I think we did pretty good! Jade seemed pretty satisfied and so did Taylor im pretty sure we all got the parts we wanted. Or so I thought....
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