The Journey

When Breanna and her friends Taylor and Jade try out for a school play (Romeo and Juliet) the teacher tells them that they will get a very special group that will play the boy main roles. But what happens when everybody gets the wrong part it's just bound to go down or uphill? Read while Breanna goes threw some twist and turns with the boys she doesnt like very much!


5. The nurses offices

I'm glad my excuse was to fall down and go to the nurses office. 1 reason why is because I love the nurse she is so sweet and she's very understanding. "Hey Bre sweetheart what happend why are you in here?"ok here is another reason I can tell her anything"well I had to get out of drama because I had to kiss this boy who is, I mean don't get me wrong he's cute but a total jerk face!" I said explaining everything."Breanna sweetie you can't run out like that your gonna have to kiss him sometime." Nurse Rosie said. "We'll that day Is not going to be today!" I yelled. "Bre go back out their and kiss him its better to just get it over with." Rosie said."please don't make me!!" I whined."NOW!" "Fine your so stubborn sometimes you know that rose!" Ugh why do I have to do this... I got their and luckily class was over so I walked over and grabbed my script and sat down in a theatre seat and started saying my lines,until I heard the one voice I didn't want to hear!
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