The Journey

When Breanna and her friends Taylor and Jade try out for a school play (Romeo and Juliet) the teacher tells them that they will get a very special group that will play the boy main roles. But what happens when everybody gets the wrong part it's just bound to go down or uphill? Read while Breanna goes threw some twist and turns with the boys she doesnt like very much!


3. The List

*hey everyone sorry the first chapter wasn't the best but I promise it will get better remember this is my first movella so no hate please! Please feel free to go to the comments and suggest what should happen next I will be looking for a good suggestion!*

"WHERE ARE YOU FRIEKING HARRY STYLES I SWEAR WHEN I FIND YOU YOUR DEAD!!!" You want to know why I am so pissed off right now, well lets rewind to 20 minutes before me yelling at Harry!
*20min before*
"You guys I am so excited to see what part I got!" I said to my best friends. "I know I really hope I get Juliet you guys its my dream part and I wouldn't mind kissing one of those hotties!" Jade said."Oh my gosh Jade you would say that and how could you stand kissing them their total jerks did you see the way Harry talked to me and how Niall called dibs on me like seriously get a grip!"I said. "Bre you should be happy they said I mean their One Direction for crying out loud!" Tay said. "Whatever lets go check out the list we need to hurry to class is about to start!" I said getting a little annoyed with my friends."ok!" They chorused together. So we got to the list and right when I saw the first name I was not happy! I got Juliet! "Congrats Bre you did really good" Jade said sniffling. I felt so bad that she got Juliet's Nurse, Taylor got Juliet's mom! I need to find Harry and kick his ***!
So that brings us here! "Where in the world are you!" I screamed. "Jeez you don't need to yell!" Harry said with a smirk. "Why" was all I said. "You should be thanking me I know how badly you wanted to kiss me and now you get to" Harry said coming closer "too bad we have to wait for practice to kiss because I could definately kiss you right now" he said coming closer until he was centimeters from my face. "BITE ME STYLES!" I said running back to my friends.* authors note I hope you like it, it will get better I promise and I will post tomorrow maybe!:)*
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