The Journey

When Breanna and her friends Taylor and Jade try out for a school play (Romeo and Juliet) the teacher tells them that they will get a very special group that will play the boy main roles. But what happens when everybody gets the wrong part it's just bound to go down or uphill? Read while Breanna goes threw some twist and turns with the boys she doesnt like very much!


4. Practice

Today is the first day of practice and of course they wanted to do the kissing scene first! Why me!! "Alright class lets get started Harry and Breanna take center stage!" Said our drama teacher."ok" we both said. "Ok so here is the part where Romeo and Juliet have their big moment so make it look good and believable ok?" Said the teacher. "I've known you've been waiting for this all day so here it comes pucker up!" Harry whispered in my ear his breath trickling down my skin making me get goosebumps. Why is this happening to me! Before I could have a logical answer I see Harry's lips coming closer to mine eyes closed. Ahhhh.. I don't want this I have to make up a distraction umm think! Perfect! "OH MY GOSH BREANNA!! Are you ok?!?" The drama teacher says because I fell to the ground right before his lips meet mine. "Can I go to the nurse I don't feel good?" "Ya you can we will just run the other scenes that your not in"she said. Thank God I got out of that mess! But I still have practice tomorrow!:(
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