The Journey

When Breanna and her friends Taylor and Jade try out for a school play (Romeo and Juliet) the teacher tells them that they will get a very special group that will play the boy main roles. But what happens when everybody gets the wrong part it's just bound to go down or uphill? Read while Breanna goes threw some twist and turns with the boys she doesnt like very much!


1. Introduction (characters)

Breanna: very funny has blonde hair blue eyes she is 17 years old she is sweet yet spicy she is crazy will do any dare yet keep herself super professional. Hates 1D.

Jade: a very sweet funny girl who has a bite in her personality loves 1D with her heart has brown hair and brown eyes. She is also 17

Taylor: Has a very fun personality she doesn't know when she's funny. She has brownish blackish hair has brown eyes she gets sometimes very moody. Also 17

* authors note: the boys will be the same fun loving crazy dirty minded boys we love.
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