Shadow Girl

After being murdered by a serial killer, young Lucy Willis chooses to spend her afterlife learning more about her murderer.


4. In for a surprise...

  "See ya, tomorrow, honey," my great-grandmother kisses my forehead. My mom leads me out the dining hall. "What a delicious dinner, right?" my mother grins. I smile. I'm just so happy. Nothing can top the feeling I have right now. "Shall we?", my twenty-something-year-old mother grabs my hand and I nod. We begin to ascend and we float slowly down the endless hall.

  I wake up to feel nudging on my shoulder. "Awake, Lucilla," a slow, sweet, male voice sings to me. "Huh?", I turn to face the man. "Come," he holds out his hand. Unsure, yet persuaded by the angel's striking looks, I grab his hand. He takes me out of my room. In the dim light in the dark hall, I notice how tall the angel is. He towers over me. He has golden brown hair and sparking green eyes. They resemble emeralds in my eyes. He charges down the hall. He is a much faster flier than my mother. He must be going at least seventy miles per hour. My long blond hair flies all around me. As we fly forward, I notice that the scenes around us are growing more and more unfamiliar. The angel continues to charge down the maze of halls. "Uhhh," I croak as I try to tame my flying hair, "Where are we going?"  The angel looks back at me and chuckles. We slow down a little bit, then a little more, then a little more...until we jerk to a quick stop. I gasp for breath. Huge wood doors are in front of us. I look up to the angel, who pushes the huge doors open. My jaw dropped. I couldn't believe it....He was here.

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