Shadow Girl

After being murdered by a serial killer, young Lucy Willis chooses to spend her afterlife learning more about her murderer.


3. I could finally see

I wake up on a bed. A white, silky sheet is spread on my body. The posts on the bed has elegant roses carved into them. The canopy loosely hung from the bed, covered with white rose pedals. I lift my heavy head from the crisp, fluffy pillow and look around the unfamiliar room. White walls. White marble tiles. My flawless hand reaches for where I was stabbed. Still not there. I let out a sigh of relief. If this was a dream, I would never want to let it end. I was warm, I was happy. I swing my legs to the side of the luxurious bed and sigh. While staggering across the shiny floor, I recall last night. I am my killer's guardian angel. You don't hear that often, do you? I open the closet. I hum as I look through the endless amount of white skirts and dresses. A particular dress catches my eye. Knee-length in the front, long and lacy in the back. Beautiful. I put the dress on and smooth the front. It's plain yet beautiful all the same. As I look at my reflection in the mirror, I twirl in the dress witha smile on my face. My hair is wrapped in lace and my face is porcelain white. Someone knocks on my door. I hurry to the door and open it to see a young woman on the other side. She's no older than mid twenties...and she's beautiful. And awfully familiar..."Mom!" I scream and run in her arms. She strokes my hair and wimpers with joy. "Y-you're s-so young!", I say, stunned. She smiles a pearly smile and nods. I close the door behind me and look down the hall. "Oh my!", my jaw drops. The hall must be at least a mile long. Young people crowd the narrow corridor. Smiling, laughing, reuniting. My stomach growls. Can dead people eat? My mother must sense my hunger because she suggests, "How about some breakfast?" I smile, but it vanishes quickly. "Do we have to walk all the down there?", I whine as I point down the endless hall. "You can, but I'd much rather fly," my mother winks at me. My jaw drops, "Fly?" She grabs my hand and we float. We float! My mother charges down the hall, with me holding on for dear life. Has my mother ever been this daring, this fun?! I look at the people passing. No one is scolding us, they simply grin. I have never been this happy! My mom looks back at me and smiles a smile I have never experienced before, a calm smile, a peaceful smile. A real smile.

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