YouTube Magic

When Payton Vasquez creates a YouTube account and becomes an international sensation she will meet the five most sweetest guys on earth.


5. Mum Metting Isnt Always Fun

~Payton's POV~

 I woke up from a stressful day yesterday and plus my alarm clocks came in my room. ''WAKE UP''They yelled and I just pulled my duvet over my head. ''WAKE UP POOH WE ARE LEAVING FOR VAGAS TONIGHT SO PAAACK''Louis shouted and I shot up hitting heads with Harry. I still jumped in the shower and got dressed (A/N: Follow link at the bottom) and packed up everything but my make up which I put on then packed. ''And look at the lovely lady who is welcome anytime''Anne said and I gave her a hug. ''Anne thank you for everything you have done you know I could have just stayed at home''and Anne smiled at me ''Okay I have a surprise''she said and I saw my mum step out of the kitchen. I glared at her and went to turn but Harry stood in my way. ''You must be Angela'' and my mum nodded.

''Nice to meet you I'm Harry''and my mum smiled ''I know I used to be best friends with your mum until we moved but know I get to see how much you have grown''I face palmed myself and turned back around to face her ''Mum we didn't move we were kicked out of town because of you we were almost kicked out of the uk and because of you I made no friends why are you here''I said wanting to cry but I held back the tears ''I am sorry but I wanted to say good-bye before I am off with Lucas he is my boyfriend but you wouldn't know that because you are always gone out with your emo friends''my mum shot back ''Mum I have no friends I made that up I just didn't want to be some place I didn't belong''I said letting a tear fall my cheek. ''I didn't like it at home because you only cared about your boyfriend or should I call them toys cause you played them and then left them you know I have always wanted to be proud to let people come into my house and meet my mum but no now excuse my I have to go we have reservations at Nando's'' I turned and left.

Harry's POV

''Payton are you okay''I said but it was a stupid question to ask she broke down as soon as she stepped out of the house. ''No I am not at all my mother is a drunken bitch who cares for herself I hate her''she said and I held her in my arms. ''Hey Mum meeting isn't always fun''I said


Sorry its so short I have homework and all so yeah. here is the link for her outfit created by me

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