YouTube Magic

When Payton Vasquez creates a YouTube account and becomes an international sensation she will meet the five most sweetest guys on earth.


6. Most fun in like ever

"Payton are you okay you kinda were mean to your mum"Liam said and I looked at him "did you not hear a single word I said because of her my life has been terrible"I said trying not to yell since we were in a restaurant. "Sorry I didn't mean to-"I interrupted him "it's fine I just am upset but from now on its just us six and fun right"and they nodded. "Okay let's play truth or dare"Louis said and I nodded. "Okay pooh bear truth or dare"Louis asked I smiled "dare"I said and he laughed "I dare you to go up to that waiter and ask him for his number"he said pointing to a fit waiter. "No that's a bad idea"the other boys shouted and I got up. "Hi um I thought you were really cute and thought maybe you could give me your number if your single"I said and he did. "Haha okay who should I pick oh Liam truth or dare"I asked and he chose truth "am I your friend"I said wiggling my eyebrows and he shook his head "your like family now"he said and I laughed. "Oh let's go to the club it'll be fun.

•Niall's POV•

We arrived and the boys and I walked in the club with Payton who was laughing hard at something Louis had said. She was beautiful and the lads all fancy her how can I compete. "Let's go to get drinks"Payton said and I went with her Louis Harry and Zayn. Liam was in the car sleeping and after five drinks and four hours later Payton was wasted as hell. "You know you have pretty eyes and I am drunk"she said and I laughed. Harry and Zayn were wasted to it was funny as all three of them skipped down the street and Payton fell as she was laughing hysterically as Zayn and Harry were laughing at her. "Let's sleep in a hotel it's fun"Payton said and we did. As soon as I laid Payton down she fell asleep. "Night Pooh"I said in her ear and kissed her forehead. Then she kissed my cheek and fell back asleep. I laid down too and fell right asleep but woke up to Payton throwing up in the bathroom. "You okay" I called and heard her crying. "Are you okay"I asked against going in the bathroom. "Yeah just got off the phone with my mum the stupid bitch wanted five hundred dollars"she said and threw up in the toilet "you should lie down you got really drunk last night"I said and she chuckled lightly. "Okay Dr.Niall"she said and ran into the room after brushing her teeth. "Can the boys come in our room I am bored" and I called them up "hey how is the drunken princess"Harry asked me and I pointed to her "ask her yourself"and he did.

•Louis' POV•

I walked in to see Payton and Harry talking. I was falling for her and so were the other lads but I have a girlfriend so I can't but I have. "Pooh bear you got totally wankered" I told her and she laughed and fell out of bed. "This was the most fun I have had in ever"she said laying down and drifting to sleep. She is absolutely precious wonderful and yet dangerous all I want in a girl.
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