YouTube Magic

When Payton Vasquez creates a YouTube account and becomes an international sensation she will meet the five most sweetest guys on earth.


4. Long day

I walked out to be followed by Liam Niall Harry and Zayn. I turned round "Go away you guys I'm perfectly fine I just have to call my mum"I said and dialed her number. "Hey mum I just called to say hi and chat but I can tell your busy so call me when you get the chance and I-I bye"I hung up and walked over to the bus stop and sat down. "Hey Pooh we are gonna go back in come back when your ready okay love"Harry said. I nodded and they walked off so I was alone so I cried and cried and cried until I fell asleep on the bench. I felt strong arms scoop me up and the bouncing of walking I also heard people talking it was Harry and Niall. I put my arms around their shoulders and found out Harry was holding me "Harry I don't like Ellie just for you information because she was a bully to me like a major one but don't tell Louie" I said yawning and fell back into a deep sleep.
I went outside to find Payton asleep on the bus bench. She looked peacful but her eyes were all puffy from crying so I scooped her up. I guess she thought I was Harry because she said "Harry I don't like Ellie for your information because she was a bully to me like a major one but don't tell Louie"I wanted to ask her more but she was asleep. I was upset that Ellie would lie to me but I thought we were a couple not lying to each other. 
I felt the silkiness of my duvet. I tried not to pull him down with me and vent but I did. He put his hands on my waist and I fell asleep. 
I walked in Payton's room to see her and Louis sleeping peacefully so I just had to wake them. "WAKE UP SLEEPY BUTTS"I hollered and Payton fell of the bed "Harry what are you OMG LOUIS WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN HERE ON MY BE-"she was cut off by my mum walking in. "Hi Anne just umm playing around haha"Louis said scratching the back of his neck and my mum left. "Harry you jerk you scared the bloody hell out of me"Payton said walking into her bathroom. "I am sorry pooh I just wanted to have fun"I said as she shut the curtain. "So what"she said plugging in her phone and went to her closet to get clothes a blue sparkly top and a pair of black skinny jeans. She went into the bathroom and turned the shower on humming to the song beat. I laughed when Louis came in to see me on her bed still. "Umm she is in the shower I am just waiting for her"I said and he sat next to me we heard my mum coming up the stairs and got under the bed. "Payton Hun I am going shopping is the anything you want"Payton walked out of the bathroom. "No thank you I am okay I am happy with what I have"they must be talking in code "okay hunny be back"my mum finally left and Payton walked over to her vanity she put on her make up light blue eyeshadow that matched her deep yet vibrant blue eyes her mascara was light and she applied ping lipstick with gloss afterwords. "Let's go boys I am hungry and I bet Niall ate the whole kitchen by now"she said laughing walking out. I went out following down stairs but I stopped she I heard her talking to Ellie "oh look isn't it Payton how is it having all five boys at your feet it's fun huh well I made sure Louis isn't at your feet by telling a horribly bad lie about YOU"Ellie said and Payton said"Ellie why are you doing this to me I have done nothing to you yet you are making my life miserable"Ellie said something I would never want "leave tonight or you will be in a hell of a whirlwind of misery"and Payton just said "go ahead hit me with you're best shot but believe me don't think that I won't fight back because karma is a bitch Ellie an she seems to love revenge"I was surprised but yet it was kinda sexy how Payton turned evil for a second.
•Payton's POV• 
I walked into the kitchen and Liam Zayn and Niall were watching family guy. "Hi guys what are you doing"I asked and they were watching family guy. "Oh we're watching family guy haha didn't see you there"I smiled "you heard huh" and they nodded. "Well-"I was interrupted by my phone. "Hello"I answered "hey baby I am so sorry I-"I cut her off "was busy huh oh yeah well you wouldn't be at the club if you were busy but yeah whatever bye"I hung up and sat there "I hate my life and my mum and dad for treating me this way and Ellie for rubbing it in my face so yeah why don't i just leave it huh yeah"I whispered to myself this was going to be a long day
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