YouTube Magic

When Payton Vasquez creates a YouTube account and becomes an international sensation she will meet the five most sweetest guys on earth.


2. Happiness

Today I was flying back to London after a week in America. I was so excited to go on tour with One Direction . I grabbed my camcorder an flipped it on "Ello everyone it's me and I am on my way back home to meet ONE DIRECTION EEEK IM SO GOD DAMN EXCITED so yeah about to board a plane so bye"I quickly uploaded it and boarded with my mum. I was going to hang out with one direction wow. 


We got off the plane and my mum went home while I waited for the limo. I waited for three hours when a man tapped on my back. "Oh finally" I gave him my bags and five boys came over to us. "Oh hi again"I shook their hands. Louis pulled me into a bear hug "um Louis can't breath"I said he laughed and we went to the limo. "Payton I am going to call you Pooh bear and we will be best friends"Louis said laughing at his own joke. There was something about him that was fimiliar. "Are you okay pooh"Harry asked raising one brow. "Umm huh oh yeah just tired"I yawned and put my feet on liams lap and my head on Louis' lap. I drifted into a deep sleep

"NO"I yelled sitting up and hitting heads with Louis. I was hurting badly. "Louis were you watching me sleep"I asked and Harry answered "Yes he was like she looks like a disney princess and she is having a nightmare and she is-"Louis threw a foam ball at him. I was curious.  We all went into their mansion I was mesmerized. I tripped over the door frame and landed in Nialls arms. "Sorry"I simply stated he smiled at me. "Woah she is hitting on Niall"Harry called. "I TRIPPED"I yelled. He laughed at me I shot him a look and he ran off. I walked with Niall into their family room and I smiled at the sight of a great Dane. I dropped my bag as it came running at me. It tackled me and licked my face. I giggled uncontrollably I almost peed myself. Liam pulled him of and his name is Nemo I was surprised his name wasn't tiny or pip. Note the sarcasm, "so  Payton what do you wanna do"I smiled and an hour later I had a fake mustache on and one of Louis' shirts tucked in and glasses like Harry potter. I looked like a dork but this was going to funny. "Ello everyone meet our newest member Jib Jubilee"Louis yelled. I made my voice super deep"Hello Louis and the rest of you"and we asked each other questions then we all went for a drive to Starbucks. "Woah that video got one million hits already"I squealed. "WOW IT'S  PAYTON VASQUEZ"a little girl squealed. I signed her napkin and I smiled since she only asked for me. My smile soon faded when Elenor came in and I know she is Louis' girlfriend but in high school she was really mean to me. "Bye guys I am gonna go see ya at home in an hour or two"I rushed out I walked to the park and sat down and cried the memories of high school hurt like knifes. 

Louis' POV

"Bye guys I'm gonna go see ya at home in an hour or two"Payton left she seemed jumpy. Elenor came and sat with us. "I am gonna make sure she is okay"Harry said and the other boys followed "Me too see us Ellie"I ran off I wanted to break up with her but it's hard I don't like to see girls cry. 

Payton's POV

I heard foot steps good thing I stopped crying or I would have to explain a bunch of things. "Hey Pooh why are you out here alone" I smiled "my daddy would bring me out here and we would swing and go on the marry go round before he um passed"I got up and I smiled. "Oh um you wanna go home and watch some films"I nodded and we left. We watched the vow and I was in tears I put my face into Harry's chest. I cried like a hundred times then we watched grease and I sang and danced around with that since I knew every line in the movie then by the time we got to Harry's film it was eight and it was a scary film it was texas chainsaw massacre. I jumped every five seconds and clutched onto Liam and finally the most scary thing happened. Harry's mum Anne walked in and lightning struck causing he silhouette to appear and I let out a scream and the boys were having a laughing fit and Anne was comforting me. "Harry you did that on purpose you are so mean"I said plopping down in between Niall and Zayn. I heard his mum in the kitchen and I went in to help her. "You know those boys all fancy your videos they laugh for hours"I smiled "Yeah well I have always wanted someone to think that one thing I do is good" I looked at my hands "What do you mean doll"Anne asked. "My mum and dad never thought I was any good at anything so I was always trying to prove myself to them I tried and tried but always failed I got to go on Ellen and my mum was proud of me for once I saw pride in her eyes not embarrassment I felt like I accomplished something but I realized I could never be the daughter she wants me to be"I said a single tear fell down my cheek. "You don't need to prove yourself to anyone Hun if they don't like YOU for YOU then the are not worth your time you are always smiling in the videos you seem so full of happiness but your eyes are sad as blue as the ocean in Australia that's for sure but sad you have to find happiness and when you find it come tell me" then she left to her room and I sat there thinking. Niall poked his head in and smiled "Are you okay pooh"I smiled and nodded I was happy here and now to be with people who are proud of me and are my friends because I am ME. I walked into the room and hugged Niall "Thank you for being my friend it makes me feel happy"he hugged back. I found my happy place 
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