YouTube Magic

When Payton Vasquez creates a YouTube account and becomes an international sensation she will meet the five most sweetest guys on earth.


3. Ellie

''WAKE UP POOH''I heard Louis shout in my ear and I jumped up.''LOUIS''I shouted and the boys laugheed at me. My hair was all over the place plus i had my retainer in so my words sounded funny. ''GO AWAY''I shouted and ran into my bathroom. I took a quick shower and when I came out the boys were looking at the pictures on my phone. ''HEY thats mine''I said walking over to my closet tightening my towel. ''Aww who's this little kid''Harry asked jumping of my bed to show me a picture of my brother steven. ''My little brother Steven he is just adorable but I never see him anymore since my mum sent him to live with my grandma just to punish me''I said and looked away into the closet grabbing my strapless white purple polka dot dress and a jean vest. ''anyway I gotta get dressed so bye''I said and they left the room so I could get dressed. I tied my black hair up so I could do my make up but instead I went natural.

Niall's POV:

I went to see if Payton was ready yet so we could eat and I heard weeping from her room. She said to herself ''Oh Steven I am so sorry its all my fault you are gone with that horrible lady please forgive me please''then more weeping. I left her alone for a few minutes so I went down stairs. ''Is she ready cause Zayn is almost done''Harry asked and I shook my head ''She is almost done just leave her be and we will eat when she is done''but they knew something was wrong. ''Okay I am ready I am sorry I was just texting Harley he was wondering if I was okay and all that friendly stuff''Payton said looking at her hands and then she smiled at us ''What are we eating today since its 12:00 oh wow i slept longer thanks I really needed it guys''she said and grabbed her purse. ''Are you okay Payton you look like you have been crying''Liam asked her and she shook her head ''No I am not''and she hugged him tight. ''Shh its alright I'm sure everything will be okay''he hugged her and rocked her in his arms. ''Niall go tell Zayn to hurry up''Liam ordered and I ran up the stairs. ''Zayn hurry up we are getting hungry''I whined and he had just finished. ''Okay okay jeez no need to whine just want to look good okay''he walked out of the room and I followed him. ''Lets go now what happened''he half said half asked. ''She is just really upset so lets go and have FUN''Liam said shaking her shoulders and she laughed.


We arrived and a huge throng of jostling fans were waiting for them to arrive. When I stepped out of the car people were shouting nasty remarks. I linked my arm with Louie's but that didn't stop them from biting me, yes they bit me but I hid the pain. We had finally sat down when I realized some of the bite marks were bleeding ''Ouch'' I said and they all looked guilty '' oh you guys stop looking guilty it's my fault I should have just walked in seperatly that would have been the smart thing to do''i said and they just still stared at my arm. ''I am going to wash up since I am bleeding and it's kinda akward right now so yep''I got up and went to the bathroom. ''Well well weren't you getting comfortable with Louis''I heard elenor ''Ellie its not what it looks like I was scared and he was right there I just was bit by tons of girls and I don't need your torture right now''I walked out. ''Ellie is in the bathroom Louis''I said with a fake sime oh how I hated Elenor she isn't right for louis he deserves someone like me but I don't think I like him like that but he deserves a nice girl who is NICE.


''Ellie is in the bathroom Louis''Payton said with a smile. It seems like Ellie makes her nervous or jumpy. ''Hey Louie''Ellie said from behind and I looked at payton who looked blank she had no expression what so ever. ''Oh look my mum is calling me gotta take this''she smiled and left out the door. I knew she didn't have a call but she just needed to get out of there. ''I am going to check on her so brb'' Niall said running off and so did the rest of the boys they all were just leaving to let me and Ellie be alone. ''Why is she scared of you Ellie''she looked guilty. ''We weren't thebest of friends in high school because she bullied me a lot then finally I stood up to her so now she acts like that''I can't believe this but I actually believe her that Payton was a bully which is absolutly horrible. I have to talk to her tonight about this I just hope she still likes me.

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