YouTube Magic

When Payton Vasquez creates a YouTube account and becomes an international sensation she will meet the five most sweetest guys on earth.


1. Ellen Show

"MOM I AM GOING TO BE ON ELLEN IN AMERICA AHHH"I yelled she ran in "AHH yay my love Skype your father. I was going to be on tv all because I uploaded a fan music video for one directions One thing. I was already packing my whole wardrobe. 


We are in our suite. I was dressed in red skinny jeans and a black t shirt. I straightened my curly hair and put light make up on. My mum had rushed me out the door I put on my wedges. "Mum relax it's not like we are late WERE LATE STEP ON IT"we ran in panting like dogs "Please welcome Payton Vasquez"the crowd went wild. I walked out smiling . "Ello everyone"I shouted. "Payton every boy on this planet is wondering do you have a boyfriend"Ellen asked smiling "No I don't"I giggled "So let's watch your video shall we"she asked and I nodded. I laughed as I watched parts of it. I blushed when Ellen said "Oh look she is wearing a onesie"she got all serious. "Payton where are you from" my smile disappeared "Um I'm from London"I said everyone aww-ed Ellen and I talked about my video and then she went to commercial. 


"Hello everyone we are one direction and we are gonna surprise Payton Vasquez"Liam said smiling at the camera. "okay Payton we have a big surprise for you and another one to"that was our que. 


"Okay I will close my eyes"I said covering them. I felt someone tickle my sides so I laughed. "Open your eyes"ellen said. I did and Niall was super close to me. "Oh my gosh"I breathed out. "Wow um hi"I said and the crowd laughed. "Hello Payton you surprised. "Uh Yeah"Niall laughed. "Okay well you are COMING ON TOUR WITH US IN TWO MONTHS ARE YOU EXCITED"they shouted and I started to cry. "Haha I'm sorry but it's just so wow and wow I'm just like wow"the crowded laughed. I hugged the boys and Ellen. "Thank you"
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