Melody was young when her father mysteriously disappeared. She never understood why or where he had gone, but the coming of her 13th birthday brings new surprises that could lead to an adventure she never dreamed possible. Will she ever find out what really happened to her dad?


3. The Path

            A slight summer breeze blew Melody’s hair and it brushed her face softly. Melody opened her eyes to see trees taller than she had ever seen them. As she looked around she saw that it was still dark. How did I get out of my bed again! And where in the world am I this time? She sat up and looked around. This is the spot from my dream! She thought as she looked over to see the glittering pond shinning like the sun in the dark. Melody looked up, but the girl from her dream was gone.

          Melody walked around looking for the girl and soon found a path. She followed it and soon she was in her backyard once again. She vowed never to tell anyone about the girl in the dream. That didn’t mean she would stop thinking of her though.


          Later that day, she went to check out the path that took her home but Melody couldn’t find it anywhere. Although she couldn’t find it, she wasn’t surprised because she knew that it was magic. Days went by and the pathway never came back. She didn’t even have any more dreams. The memory of the girl stayed in Melody’s mind all the time. That was all she could think about.

          Finally, one night about a week later, Melody went outside late at night while everyone was asleep. She knew that this night was special. It was her parents’ anniversary. The pathway was clear in the woods and she walked silently. As she looked it seemed that the trees almost had faces. It frightened her to think that she may be being watched. She turned on her flashlight that she had brought and the light shown like a million fireflies lighting the way. She kept a close watch all around her in case scary creatures were lurking. The path seemed to go on forever, and she wondered if it was possible to take a wrong turn. Then Melody saw something glittering up ahead. A huge shadow covered it so that she couldn’t see anything. Suddenly it was gone. Just like that. Melody thought of turning and running, for what could make a shape that big! She was frozen still. She could see the pond ahead glittering in the moonlight.

           She rushed toward the pond because (she didn’t know how but) she knew that whatever made the shadow was gone. As Melody stared into the depths, she felt calmer. So she lay against a huge tree and stared at the stars. Suddenly the tree on which she was laying on disappeared! Melody fell straight on her back and hit her head sharply upon the ground.

          At least I know I’m not dreaming! Melody thought. For if she was asleep her head would not hurt this bad. Melody rubbed her head and found a small bump. Great, just what I needed! She looked over to the pond and realized something different in the water. The colors shifted to a girl, the girl she had seen in her dream with the many colored eyes! The girl was drinking from the pond when suddenly a flash of bright light came from beneath its depths. The scene had ended and the pond was clear.

          “That was the biggest mistake of my life,” came a voice.

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