Melody was young when her father mysteriously disappeared. She never understood why or where he had gone, but the coming of her 13th birthday brings new surprises that could lead to an adventure she never dreamed possible. Will she ever find out what really happened to her dad?


6. The King

       When the Wilds finally got home, Melody ran up to her room. She was happy to be home. That night when everyone had finally fallen asleep, Melody grabbed her flashlight and hurried down the stairs and to the backyard. The path opened easily for her and she slipped into the dark branches. This was the first time she really looked behind her when she had stepped in. Melody took a quick glance over her shoulder and froze. The pathway where she had entered was covered by trees! Huge, monstrous trees! She looked around and she couldn’t seem to find where the way out was! Melody took a deep breath, turned back around and walked the path at a steady pace. Finally she reached the pond, glittering in the moonlight.  She looked behind again and the whole path had disappeared and was covered by scary trees that almost seemed to have faces! Melody looked at the pond and calmed down again. She sat next to it and stared like the times before. She wanted Isabella to come back again but she wasn’t sure if she would.

          “Looking for me again? Or not,” The voice came behind her but when Melody looked there was only the tree that she had laid on before. Then before her eyes, the tree shrank and twisted into a shape of a girl.

          “Isabella? How did you? I mean… how?” Melody had never really noticed Isabella’s clothing before. Isabella was as skinny as a twig and a few inches shorter than Melody. She was barefoot with dark brown leggings that went to her ankles. On top of that, she had a short, dark green skirt with what looked like bark woven into it. On top, she wore a brown tank top with a green short sleeve sweater over it. Her hair was still in a long braid down her back that almost reached her knees. At that particular moment, one eye was hazel and the other was plain green. She must be stylish compared to her friends because that outfit is so cute! Melody couldn’t believe she was thinking this way about a tree.

          “He would like to meet with you,” Isabella declared. “Elle woeda exsetise da moer ur,”

          Melody had no idea who Isabella was talking about but when she said it, the back of her neck tingled like a spark.

          Isabella started walking in the other direction and yelled over her shoulder “Come!” Melody quickly followed behind. Isabella was walking but it was a very fast walk because of her long strides. Melody had a hard time keeping up and looking around at the same time. Soon they reached a huge, powerful waterfall that fell very hard until it reached the small pool at the bottom. It was strange; the water fell fast until it reached the last foot. It seemed to slow down and land softly into the pool.  Standing next to the water was a man about eight inches taller than Melody. He had a crown on and flowing dark green robes. His face reminded her somebody that she knew, but she couldn’t put a finger on it.

          “Hello Melody,” said the king in a familiar manner. Melody couldn’t help but feel like she had met him somewhere other than dreams. It was the weirdest feeling to feel like she knew him because at the same time, she knew nothing about him whatsoever! “I am King J, King of the forest,” he boasted.

Melody bowed to him and asked “How do you know my name?” Melody had wild ideas of how the king could have possibly learned her name. Perhaps the wind told him or the message spread through the trees. The birds could have listened to her conversation with Isabella and they could’ve told him through some sort of animal language that the King can understand.

          “Isabella gave the information to me after your little meeting a while ago. I decided then that I would have to meet you myself,” Isabella left into the woods to leave them alone to talk. He asked her many questions and kept a straight face the whole time so that Melody didn’t know how he felt when she answered questions about where she lived and how she came upon the forest. The King was very inquisitive. Melody wondered why he wanted to know questions like “Did you ever try a pickle?” and why he sounded so anxious when he asked it. Plus Melody was surprised at herself when she automatically told the truth to every question to a stranger!

          “May I ask a question now?” questioned Melody. She had a few questions herself to ask the King. She had no clue about his past and she wanted to know why he wanted to know about hers.

          The King looked a little unsure about her question but eventually he managed to stammer,” Yes Melody, what is your question?”  

          She wanted to be careful with what she said and she decided to start off simple. “How did you become King?”


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