Melody was young when her father mysteriously disappeared. She never understood why or where he had gone, but the coming of her 13th birthday brings new surprises that could lead to an adventure she never dreamed possible. Will she ever find out what really happened to her dad?


2. The Dream

          As Melody looked out of her window, she heard a voice. She couldn’t tell what it was saying, but she could tell it was trying to say something important. She pulled her gaze away from the window with some difficulty. I must have imagined it, she thought. She got into bed and tried to think of what the summer would bring. Hopefully something wonderful and exciting!

          Suddenly Melody’s hopes and dreams were switched to the thought of bright green leaves of the tallest trees she had ever seen in her life! They started to move and dance all around her. Melody danced with them and sang with all her heart and felt suddenly at home! The trees turned into people with greenish brown skin and dark brown hair that flowed down their backs. Even the boys were majestic with their light brown hair cut short. They did a ballet for her and sang with gorgeous voices. They danced until they could dance no more and they arrived at a huge waterfall with a clear pond at the bottom. It was the perfect temperature and you could drink it.

          Then Melody felt a cool breeze on her face. It felt so real and amazing and she was lying on warm grass. Melody opened her eyes and she realized she was lying in her backyard, wide awake. She sprinted inside, locked the door and ran up the stairs to her bedroom to wonder why in the world she had sleep walked outside. It was 7 in the morning, according to her clock next to her bed. No one was up but her. She lay down on her bed and tried to get more sleep. She just couldn’t fall asleep again. Her head was pounding and she had no clue why. Melody sat up and looked out the window again. The voice was back. It softly called her name. Melody, Melody, Balena, Beada, Morenda.  What was this language? It was if the voice was in her head.  She shook her head and it was gone. Although she didn’t remember moving over to the window, she was standing right next to it. Melody pushed her rough brown hair into a tight ponytail and got dressed.

          At 7:30, she went down stairs a few minutes after she heard her mom go down the stairs. “Good morning my thirteen year old!”

          “Morning mom,” sighed Melody. She just couldn’t get the forest of her head. Perhaps she had dreamt it all. The whole day she let the idea float out of her head. Melody thought she had a very productive day. She had weeded the garden, took out the trash, got all of her summer homework done (keep in mind it was the first day of summer), and scared Kate out of her wits.  Very productive indeed!  She thought to herself after dinner.

          Finally it was time for bed and the forest was back in her mind. Melody climbed into bed and closed her eyes tight. Tonight she would sleep well, hopefully. At 9:00 she got up and went to the bathroom. At 10:00 she got up for a drink of water. Finally at 11:00 she fell asleep.

          The waterfall was back; she walked with the trees until she reached a beautiful throne. It was created of gold and clear crystals. The seat was covered in a velvety red cloth. Seated in the majestic throne was a tall, handsome, stunning king. He got up and towered over her with a smiling face. Melody bowed as low as she could in awe. The tree people sunk back into trees, rooted into place. Melody and the King walked through the forest not speaking a word and yet voices surrounded them as if the wind was speaking. They reached a glittering pond of such beauty that Melody couldn’t take her eyes of it.

          Suddenly the King was gone and she was alone in the forest, just staring at the pond. She wondered how such a place could have such a magical feel to it. Melody gazed into the warm depths of the pond for what seemed like hours. She saw pictures of a young girl in the pond. The girl was growing up and it showed her whole life. The day she fell off her first bike to the day her best and only friend moved to a different side of the country. The girl’s life became lonely and people were teasing her. Then the images stopped at an image of the girl staring back at her. She was the girl and Melody realized that the pond showed memories. Finally she was able to tear her gaze away.

As she looked up she saw a girl starring at her from the tallest tree! The girl’s long bright red hair reached passed her hips and it was in a long braid down her back. Melody looked inquisitively at the girl’s soft expression and her huge dark brown eyes. The longer she looked the eyes seemed to turn green, no blue! The color would slowly seep around the pupil till it was a new color! Then they were brown again. Always changing, they were amazing. They turned bright blue and stayed that way staring at Melody as if trying to read her mind. Melody felt a tingling feeling inside her and she felt a shiver go down her spine. Then everything went black.

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