Melody was young when her father mysteriously disappeared. She never understood why or where he had gone, but the coming of her 13th birthday brings new surprises that could lead to an adventure she never dreamed possible. Will she ever find out what really happened to her dad?


8. Sisters

Melody couldn’t believe what had happened. She stopped going into the forest at night because she was suddenly scared of John. He didn’t know who he was! She had to think of a plan to get him to come back. It didn’t seem possible that she had another sister or even that she had spent the last few days with her father! All she knew was that her dad really did need help and so did Isabella. It was five days since she had last been in the forest.

          Finally Melody came up with a plan that she thought might work. It was her best chance. My only chance, she thought.  She had to convince him. The plan was persuasion.


          John Wild sat upon his throne thinking, how did I know their names? It still didn’t quite occur to him what had happened. Why did Melody turn as white as a ghost when he said Isabella? Isabella is my daughter not John’s daughter so why did I say that? The King didn’t know that Isabella had actually heard the whole thing and understood immediately.

          She knew who she was and who her father was. She had two older sisters and they didn’t know about her until now. I have a family out there, somewhere! She thought about this contently and wondered why her father didn’t understand the words that had come from his own mouth.


          Melody dashed into the woods after everyone was asleep. The pathway seemed conveniently shorter than usual. A full moon glared down on her, watching carefully. She reached the tree and said “Hola, Isabella mayen comoer?” She had personally learned the words from her father. It was a mix of Spanish and Algἠanquἀoek. The tree melted into Isabella.

          “I know why you are here this time; your father doesn’t expect you to be back for a while so you will catch him surprised. That is what you wanted, is it not?” she said it very quickly and in such a faint whisper that it took a while for Melody to put together everything she had said. Melody could only nod. Then Isabella took Melody by surprise and she gave her a huge hug for such a thin girl.

          Melody quickly hugged back and said, “You heard everything that happened that night didn’t you!” and Isabella didn’t answer. “I will take that as a yes. Do you want to come back to your old life or do you want to stay here?”

          Isabella answered much faster than Melody expected, “Please, take me with you! I may never be completely normal but I can try!” With that comment, they headed down the trail to find their father.


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