Melody was young when her father mysteriously disappeared. She never understood why or where he had gone, but the coming of her 13th birthday brings new surprises that could lead to an adventure she never dreamed possible. Will she ever find out what really happened to her dad?


7. Nightly Visits

Obviously it wasn’t such a simple question because the King looked pained inside to answer. “I- I came from a town with my three children and wife. When I came here I broke up the fighting between the Trees and the Muden. The Muden are the people of the mud. They immediately made me their King and told me to drink from the sacred pond. I pretended to because one of the trees told me that it gives you such magic when you are King that you will never be able to return home again. It was too late for my daughter, Isabella; she had already drunk from the water. She became one of the tree people but she still looks normal because the rest of my family didn’t drink from it. So never drink from it,”

          “Why didn’t you return home? Don’t you miss your old life? It must be awful to be stuck here!” cried Melody who was horrified from the story.

          “Yes I miss it very much,” the King sighed and Melody could tell he was forcing himself not to cry.

          After a while it became light and Melody hurried home. The next day, the pathway wasn’t there. Melody went back to her room for the night. She thought about what the King had said. He had left his old life behind for the forest, just like her father. She was angry at the King just like she was at her dad. They were very alike. The only real difference was that the King had three children while her dad had two. Maybe, the King knew her father and where he was. It was very possible for him to know considering he was King. If I was King, I would learn about everyone in the forest. Maybe that was why he wanted to know so much about her.

          Melody went to the forest almost every night. She talked to the King and they learned very much about each other. Finally, one night, Melody got enough courage to ask about her father. The King had many touchy subjects and she hoped that this wasn’t one of them.

          “King J? I- I have another question,” she announced. The King heard the nervousness in her voice and almost immediately had several ideas of what the question might be. “Do you know my father? John Wild was- is his name,” Melody corrected herself.

          The King had expected this question to come up eventually. “I have a feeling that I know him, but I’m not sure. It’s as if I knew a man named John Wild in a dream. I know it sounds silly but I am sure I knew him,” the King spoke truthfully. He knew what John’s life was like exactly. The way that Melody had described her father to the King was the exact description that he had remembered. The only difference was he remembered John having three daughters, not two. This scared him a little for he had been having dreams that showed Melody giving him the way back into his old life.

          Melody didn’t know how to react to this statement. So did King J know her father or not? She was very confused. “So you do know him. If you knew him then what was his daughter’s names?”

          The King didn’t think, the words just came out of his mouth and it felt like somebody else had said them, “Kathleen was the oldest, then Melody and Isabella,”

          Melody felt like she was going to pass out. “You, you said Isabella but, but,” This could only mean one thing. All Melody remembered was running through the woods, running and running. She was soon back in her bed, staring at the ceiling.


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