Melody was young when her father mysteriously disappeared. She never understood why or where he had gone, but the coming of her 13th birthday brings new surprises that could lead to an adventure she never dreamed possible. Will she ever find out what really happened to her dad?


4. Isabella

         It was a strangest accent that Melody had ever heard. She couldn’t make it out. Melody looked up to see the girl with the amazing eyes sitting across the pond. All she could do was stare at her. Although, before the eyes were changing, now they were bright blue. Almost an electric blue. “Mafel y ohu larengest mifa ell lofe,” Her eyes sparkled as she talked and they hypnotized Melody.

          Finally Melody broke out of the trance and said “Wha… uh what was the biggest mistake of your life?” Her voice quivered slightly as she talked.

          “What you just saw in the pond, of me drinking from the pond,” she whispered “Que ur jost louked en ba puend, ell driekin od ba puend,” The girl looked ashamed as she murmured the words.  “What is your name?” asked the girl. “Que en ure nearm?”

          Melody wondered why the girl translated whatever she said into a different language. “Uh, my name is Melody,” The girls rough expression softened a little when she heard the name. Her eyes started to switch a little green. “Why?” she asked curiously.

          “I am Isabella Treent,” the girl never answered Melody’s question, but for some reason, she was ok with that. “Yo beain Isabella Treent,” she repeated.

          “What languages do you speak? It sounds like a mix of various languages and some I have never heard,” Melody inquired.

          “Si, yes, I speak many but mostly Spanish and Algaἠquἀoek” she replied. The way she spoke also was several mixes of accents too. “I translate because if you wish to learn new languages you must hear them frequently,”

Why in the world would I want to learn that language? It sounds so odd and yet… interesting. “So you wish for me to learn the language Algἠanquἀoek? Why should I learn that?”

          “I never said you ought to learn it, I just speak it, if you want to listen,” as she went on, Isabella’s eyes slowly turned darker and darker. It showed her feelings and right now, she wasn’t too happy. “Yo ount da bea lenda!” she exclaimed. Melody didn’t know what that meant but she knew it couldn’t be too good. Isabella had a strange way of speaking. She put her words in odd ways that Melody had never heard anyone speak before.

          “I’m sorry; I didn’t mean to set you off. I just wanted to know.” Melody’s voice slowly turned into a whisper. Suddenly, Isabella leaped into the air with an enormous jump! She just disappeared into the trees. Then Melody leaned back relived that she disappeared, but she knew she would be back.

          When Melody leaned back and the tree from before had reappeared! She looked up and saw sunlight slowly appearing between the trees. Melody took off onto the trail. I know I wasn’t in the woods for six hours! I couldn’t be! She couldn’t believe it! Melody wasn’t even tired!


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