Melody was young when her father mysteriously disappeared. She never understood why or where he had gone, but the coming of her 13th birthday brings new surprises that could lead to an adventure she never dreamed possible. Will she ever find out what really happened to her dad?


9. Home Again

King J was sitting on his throne staring into space and barely noticed the girls coming up the path. The King saw them together, Melody slightly taller than Isabella. They looked, almost like sisters! Suddenly, his whole past shot at him like a ton of bricks. It was so overwhelming that he actually lost balance for a while. Thank goodness he was sitting. “I- I understand,” he stammered.

          Melody even looked stunned at those words. The last time John had ever seen his daughter was when she was only four years old and Katie! His little Katie was six. Isabella was only two and she got sucked into his mischievous visits to the forest. Oh and his beautiful wife Mary with her long red hair! How he missed them all. How could this have happened? How they must have felt when he was gone and never appeared again. Melody didn’t even know she had a younger sister. It all seemed so crazy to John. How could he go back and expect his family to accept him? Kate must be what? Fifteen now? How could she ever accept him as her father? He couldn’t imagine his little Katie as a teenager.

          All these thoughts came rushing into his head at once. Melody started to talk but had a feeling she wouldn’t need to convince him very much. “Yes, take me back Melody! Take Isabella and me home! Oh, how I love you!” John exclaimed. Melody ran into his arms.

          She whispered into his ear, “I love you too dad, I love you too,”  

          The sun had risen enough where Melody knew her mom would be up already. Maybe not Kate though. John ran alongside of Melody and Isabella right behind them with amazing speed. They reached the backyard quick enough and just in time to hear Mary Wild’s worried voice inside the house, “Melody! Melody Lynn Wild, stop playing games this instant! Where are you?”

          John almost cried with joy of hearing her voice once again. “She is down here Mary! Don’t worry I’ve got her!” Mary froze at the voice, and then ran down the stairs to the back door. Mary opened the door and when she saw his face, she froze again. Mary didn’t know what to think.

          “J-John?” Mr. Wild smiled shyly. It was the same smile that she remembered from almost ten years ago. Tears started to pour down her face as she ran into a huge hug and he lifted her off the ground with joy. “How? How?” Then she looked over and saw Melody holding hands with another girl. The face was strangely familiar. “No, it can’t be,” she cried.

          Isabella looked at her mother’s loving face and suddenly felt at home. “Mom!” Isabella didn’t even feel compelled to say it again in a different language. Her eyes were such a bright blue that you almost couldn’t look at them. They gave each other a huge hug. Melody thought it lasted for years.

          Eventually Kathleen came outside to find her mother and Melody. Kate had always asked what had happened to her youngest sister, but never when Melody was around because Melody had never remembered another baby in the house. She was too young to remember.

          From that day forward, the family lived on happily and they managed to convince the police and private investigators of a different story that didn’t really make any sense. Isabella was always different. She could jump higher and run faster than anyone else in school (she did very well on the track and field team), and if someone was chasing her, she would turn a corner and turn into a tree. It made a pretty good hiding spot. Her eyes always changed color to her mood. But she never spoke in a different language to anyone except Melody and her father. Melody lived her whole life with her mother, father and two sisters until she was married when… well that is a different story!

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