K so just do you know no body is famous in this. Winter is abit free spirited and doesnt really care about anything after her fathers death. But will Harry break her down and get to know the real her?


2. Your a Pain!!!

"Look sorry! i didnt think it was gonna be that big of a deal if i asked you why" Harry apolagized walking infront of me "Well you shouldnt of asked in the first place, i mean you just met me; you know nothing about me" i crossed my arms and glared "Well id like to get to know you" "Yeah and sometimes id like to kill people but then im like 'mmm i shouldnt' " I snapped and walked away, damn why was i such a bitch to that guy who didnt really do anything to me...oh well shit happens. "mom can we get out of here?" I sighed walking up to my mom who was talking to Donyia's family "Sure, it was nice seeing you guys again" she waved politely and we headed to the car "So who was that curly headed boy you were talking to? he was cute" my mom smirked hinting that she wanted "details", "Some kid named Harry, hes friends with Donyia's brother Zayn" "Oooh looked like you two were hitting it off" "No mom nothing was being "hit off" hes a dick! and i dont wanna talk about it anymore" i crossed my arms and looked out the window "Okay! Okay! Sorry Wee" my mom apolagized then turned on the radio. Then my dads favorite song came on 'Chicken Fried' by the Zac Brown Band, I could feel myself already crying i looked over at my mom to see she was crying aswell. We both started to giggle though i mean why would his favorite song be one with lyrics like "you know i like my chicked fried" come on dad couldnt you have chose a better song. We quickly pulled up to the house and i rushed inside to i could take a shower go to bed and sleep in tomorrow because i dont have to go to school anymore, unless i decide to go to college; but i dont wanna go just yet.

~~~~~~Next Morning~~~~~

"Honey im off to work Love you" my mom yelled from down stairs "mgmmmmm" i mummbled then rolled over, its 8am could she not have left a not or something? DAMN im awake now and theres no going back to sleep. I rolled out of bed and trugged downstairs to the kitchen to make a coffee. Once I had a coffee in me i was full of engery so i decided to clean the house. I cranked my Beatles music and stared to dance around the house and clean at the same time, what i would usually do when ive got a PD day at school and my moms at work. "Well she was just 17 you know what i mean, and the way she looked was way beyond compaaree! So how could i dance with another, ooooo" i sang loudly; then i herd someone clapping so i spun around and saw Harry standing there smirking "Why are you in my house?" I snarled turning my music off "Well i-" "How do you know where i live?" I cut him off with another question "If youd stop cutting me off you'd know" "Go on then" i sighed and sat on the counter "Well i was very intriuged by you last night so i asked Donyia where you lived and she was like 'If Winter wanted you to know where she lived she would have told you' and then i kept trying and she wouldnt tell me where you live soo when she went out for breakfast with her mom this morning i was a little snoopy and i looked in her contact book so now i have your number and your address, but i herd music so i assumed thats why you werent answering the door" he stopped took a breath and contiued "So i walked in to find you singing,very well might at add" he smiled "Thats alittle stalkerish dont you think?" i questioned "I think its more romantic if anything" "How is that romanctic?" i laughed "I was so dazed by you i had to find you so i did whatever it took and now i found you" he smiled seeming very proud with that answer "Well i think its creepy so get out of my house" i shooed him out the front door, "I'll pick you up at 6 okay" he smiled walking away "No you wont!" i yelled "Yes i will! dress casual though, and no heels" he replied hoping in im assuming Zayns car and driving off. Damn this boy is a pain in the ass and ive only know him for what? like 24 hours!

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