K so just do you know no body is famous in this. Winter is abit free spirited and doesnt really care about anything after her fathers death. But will Harry break her down and get to know the real her?


1. Tick Tock!

I really like the idea of this story and im quite proud of myself for coming up with it


I sat there and listened to the loud ticks of the clock "well?" "well what?" "are you gonna answer my question or not?" my shrink replied slightly annoyed "can you repeat the question" I smirked being the smartass I am. He sighed "how's everything at home? How's your mother been?" he smiled lightly; god this man thinks he knows me thinks he understands and thinks that if "I just listen and cooperate in these sessions" that I will be better and everything will go back to normal. Well let me tell you something there is nothing wrong with me "everything at home is fine. My mother is also fine" I rolled my eyes not like it's any of his business anyway, I looked up at the clock. 4:30 aaa yes my session is over "see you next week...maybe" I replied rushing out of his office. My mom thought it would be good for me to talk to Dr.Calkis once a week so I could get over my fathers passing. Ever since he passed I guess ive just turned into someone completely different I used to be a strait A student I had all the friends a girl could want the perfect boyfriend everything, when I dad died it made me realize I was sick of it all and I broke up with Matt got 3 new piercing's stopped paying attention in class and my "friends" didn't like it so they stopped talking to me; well all i have to say is take me as I am or don't take me at all.

Let me introduce myself, I'm Winter

Davis I'm 18 I've got brown naturally curly hair that's just about to my bum green eyes that turn blue in the middle I'm 5'6 I love to sing and its the last week of school.

"Hi honey how was your session with doctor Calkis?" my mother asked sweetly "great" I replied sarcastically as I walked up to my room and closed the door I really hate going to these sessions but as soon as I get a job I'm getting my own place so that my mother can't tell me what to do anymore, and I know I'm 18 I legally make my own decisions well all my mom said when argued about this was "under my roof it's my rules!" and I will admit it pissed me off. Our graduation ceremony is in 2 days and I can't wait to finally be out of that hell hole called school.

~2 days later~

"come on Winter we're gonna late!" my mom yelled from upstairs "alright alright I'm coming" I sighed walking down the stairs in my strapless dress the top is black but the it's off right under my bust and then it's white stops just above my knees but it's long in the back. "you look beautiful Wee" my mother gushed using the nickname she gave me when I was 3 "Thanks! And can we not use that name in public? Please" I asked whilst slipping on my black heels "yes hunn" my mother laughed.


"Winter Davis" my principal called, finally I smiled walked up and took my diploma thanking them and what not. He went through the last couple of names and now all the parents were talking and I was just walking around by myself when someone bumped into me "hey watch it!" I snarled as some of my drink spilled on my dress "oh I'm soo sorry!" a curly head boy apologized taking the handkerchief out of his suit pocket and handing it to me; I glared and took it dabbing the spot my champaign spilt on "I'm Harry by the way" the boy smiled and reached out his hand "Winter" I nodded taking his hand "pretty name for a pretty girl" he grinned showing off his dimples. Oh no one of THOSE guys, "hey ive never seen you around brad-ford before. Why are you here?" I asked curiosity taking over me "my friend Zayn, his sister Doniya is graduating and he invited me. I'm from Holmes Chapel" he explained "oh! I know her we used to be friends" I smiled remembering the time we had a sleepover and when we tried to sneak out her brother caught us "oh why aren't you anymore?" "I don't think that's any of your business" I snapped and walked off.

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