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1. Murder at Midnight

Drip! Drip! the sound of liquid dropping.

It echoed endlessly in the dark alley,

only the rats heard the sound in the dark.

The rats and a man as he finished the job


Drip! Drip! the sound as the blood fell

slipping into the still puddle below,

diluting spreading like a form of its

own writhing in agony, it spread.


Drip! Drip! The body no longer cared

what was happening, to the thick liquid

oozing out of the wound in its chest,

slithering down the arm and falling away


Drip! Drip! another one dead.

The detective looked at the body

what a waste! what a waste of life!

Another one dead the third that week.


Drip!                                   Drip!

The sound that haunts the dark,

the sound of the dead in the gloom,

The sound of murder at midnight.


And lying beside the silent body,

a note, written in drying blood,

with words so chilling to hear

'your time is comming detective'.

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