On a hot summer day, young police Officer Shamus Reynolds finds a letter on his desk. He takes no notice of this innocent piece of paper until he reads it. Somehow, someone has written things about him, things that he has never shared with anyone. And an accusation lies within the letter... something that Reynolds has never done.
A tale of action and excitement. Be sure to tune in.


2. Chapter Two


It was a sad day when the young assistant police officer, also called the substitute, Logan Pierce found the lifeless body of his boss. The pale white skin of Officer Reynolds ice cold met his eyes, and in his hands were a bottle filled with pills. On the floor lay a previously meaningless letter, yet one that had changed everything. With shaking hands Assistant Pierce picked it up, and read the parting words of his superior. Or so he thought.

No one knew Officer Reynolds had been murdered. Or that is was an unfair accusation that lay within the letter. With tears threatening to protrude from his eyes, Pierce struggled to open the bathroom door, and with haste delivered the news to the rest of the office.
Quickly uproar arose from this sudden and surprising news. The happy Shamus Reynolds, leader of their station had committed suicide? No way in Hell. Everyone ran to the bathroom, just for affirmation of what was now a sad reality. Sighs, tears and questions filled the room with a crushing atmosphere, with the weight of their friend’s death.
The letter was passed around, read by twenty sets of eyes, each with a new sense of understanding of the many words mashed together on that one piece of paper.

“Murder? No way!”
“He was such a nice guy. But all of us have our secrets, some darker than the others, I guess.”
“Who would have known?”

All of these things were said, and more. It was a shock to every single soul present that day. And of course the scattered family of which Reynolds was – had been – a part of.
Silence filled the station as the news of their leaders death passed from mouth to mouth. Soon everyone knew, as well as the other friends that Reynolds had. Slowly the impact of his disappearance weighed down on them – the effect he had. Everyone thought of Reynolds as they slowly realized what had happened. In denial they were, fore Shamus would never kill himself. But there was the evidence, the facts and the harsh reality of his past. Police officers were acute in senses, and that letter was clearer than anything. No one could argue with what was written, since they now had a dead officer and a suicide letter in front of them.

Pure logic was what they dealt with. It was like putting two and two together. What had been done was done, and nothing could be changed or argued with. Reynolds had killed himself. That was just a fact they had to come to terms with, whether they liked it or not. Of course an investigation would take place, out of respect and order, even though they didn’t think they would find much. Boy, were the officers in charge of that case terribly wrong.



But no one suspected a third party in this matter. No one thought that there was a murder among them.
A murder of two.


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