On a hot summer day, young police Officer Shamus Reynolds finds a letter on his desk. He takes no notice of this innocent piece of paper until he reads it. Somehow, someone has written things about him, things that he has never shared with anyone. And an accusation lies within the letter... something that Reynolds has never done.
A tale of action and excitement. Be sure to tune in.


3. Chapter Three



The next day Logan Pierce was promoted, now taking Reynolds’ place as head officer. Even though he had always dreamed of this position, he could not bring himself to enjoy it. He had not been close friends with Reynolds, but had always respected him and craved his acceptance.
In his new office, which was previously owned by Shamus, the twenty three year old now sat in a dead man’s chair. Literally. He couldn’t shake off the feeling of Reynolds’ presence in the room. After all it had been his.
When the black haired Officer looked around the room, a shudder went through him. He saw a picture of Reynolds, small personal tchotchke, millions of diplomas and many stacks of paper and books. Logan knew it would take a lot of responsibility to fill the former Officers shoes, and had no idea what to make of himself. For a while he just sat in the chair, and thought of the recent events.
It burned in his body and heart. Why would Reynolds kill himself? Why would he have murdered a poor young girl? He couldn’t have. Pierce wanted so badly to believe that Shamus was innocent, but he had confessed in a suicide letter and he had indeed afterwards killed himself.
How could the new Officer argue with that? The evidence was clear, and any
disagreement would seem suspicious. But for the time being, Logan could not bring himself to believe that it had been a suicide. His viewing of Reynolds would be tarnished forever if it was true. Reynolds had not been that selfish. Or did this secret simply eat him alive, so he couldn’t bear it any longer?
The questions were raging inside of the poor police deputy as he sat in his new office chair. Guilt clawed at his mind, his heart. Could he have prevented this from happening, even though he did not know the Officer that well?

Rocking back and forth in the leather chair, sweat began to run down Pierce’s forehead. He felt like someone was watching his every move, scrutinizing and waiting for him to do something wrong. Just like his mother had done.
Ever since his childhood, the black haired man had been tortured by his mother’s stare, her disappointment in him forever taunting his lost soul.
Shaking away the memory the Officer quickly got to his feet. He paced back and forth on the old creaky wooden floor, as his heart and mind began to race. Reynolds had helped him when he first arrived at the station. He had taught him how to do well, to succeed within the police job. Without Reynolds’ help, Pierce would never have become accepted. He and Shamus had never been friends per se, but he had always looked up to the Officer. He was a natural leader and Logan would never forget that.

Now it was his turn to return the favor. No matter what was said, Reynolds did not kill himself, or Polly. It just didn’t make sense, and Logan would prove himself right, and clear Reynolds’ name. Even when Pierce vowed this, an unsettling feeling creeped into his stomach and stayed there, as hard and solid as a rock. He knew deep down that he was wrong, but tried to believe what he had just decided to be true.

Pierce could not accept the evidence, the suicide letter and the confession, but sadly even he could not believe the alternative. He decided to bring down his oath a notch so it would sound like this:
“Somehow and someday, I will find out the truth and exactly what happened.”

This way, he smiled sadly, I will not be as disappointed, even if it is turns out to be true.


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