On a hot summer day, young police Officer Shamus Reynolds finds a letter on his desk. He takes no notice of this innocent piece of paper until he reads it. Somehow, someone has written things about him, things that he has never shared with anyone. And an accusation lies within the letter... something that Reynolds has never done.
A tale of action and excitement. Be sure to tune in.


5. Chapter Five


Suzanne knew not what to do with herself. Her heart jumped several beats although she did not notice. All she could hear was her own breathing. The phone hung disconnected in the air, with a man’s muffled voice repeatedly asking the woman’s name.

“Miss Reynolds? Are you all right? Suzanne? Hello?”

Shards of glass lay strewn across the floor as the broken hearted mother had moved through the kitchen with no regard of anything in her way. The summer heat seemed to multiply as she sat in her old rocking chair on the porch. The same one Shamus had made her when he went to high school over ten years ago. That seemed like such a long time ago.
She did not understand what the police man had told her. It was too absurd. A son of her own, dead, and supposedly done so by suicide? Suzanne could not comprehend this news, let alone think of the life ahead of her. A life without her precious son. Hysteria built inside of her, until she could no longer hold in the tears that were welling up in her eyes. She let them fall and couldn’t make them stop for a long time.

“Shamus” she sobbed with her hands cupped in her face, rocking back and forth in the chair. “Parents shouldn’t be alive when their children aren’t,” she whispered to herself. An insurmountable amount of pain had settled in her stomach and she knew, already then, that it would take a long time before that pain would fade away and become bearable. As she looked at her garden she thought of all the times she had looked through the kitchen window and seen her two sons run around outside with their father.


Suzanne had not yet thought of having to tell her other son, Earl, of this terrible news. The police had probably already done it themselves, but she thought it would be best if he found out from her. She didn’t want to do it right away as she could barely speak, but she gave herself an hour or two of rest before she would call.

With the hot glazing sun bathing her in light, Suzanne found it hard to fall asleep. Her mind was racing way too fast for her to sleep anyways, when a thought suddenly occurred to her.
“Frank.” Should she call him? Did he have the right to know that the family he abandoned eighteen years ago now had lost one of its members? Would he even care?  

The questions whirled inside of the poor woman. Suddenly everything in her life seemed to be breaking down and shattering, without her being able to stop it.

It had been a typical day so far for a young blond lawyer living in New York City. With an impish grin and green eyes, the twenty-five year old had started the morning with his usual ritual. A cup of black coffee with a double shot of espresso, a bagel, and a suit and briefcase ready to go, and off he was. Earl Martin Reynolds, his middle name inherited from Suzanne’s father, was rushing down the busy streets of Manhattan as he noticed a lot of people standing by a newsstand. Curious as to what was happening, he stepped closer and picked up a copy of the days’ New York Times.

Everyone else was discussing an incident that had occurred in Europe, but that did not interest Earl. His eye had caught something on the side, a smaller article. The title was:

“Police Officer commits suicide at station.”

Police Officer Shamus Reynolds was found dead in the department’s bathroom, shortly after have taken an unknown amount of aspirin pills. In the suicide note, Reynolds addressed both his brother Earl and mother Suzanne, before confessing to partly killing his high school sweet heart, Polly. In his position stands now Logan Pierce, a twenty four year old officer. An investigation will take place, but the evidence seems like enough already.


Earl could not believe it. Surely his brother was not dead! With no thought of his job, the distressed young man hurriedly ran toward the nearest taxi.

“Can you take me to the police station, downtown?”

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