Kendall was normal until a series of frightening nightmares and daydreams invade her life. The search for answers only leads her to more questions. Is she prepared for the outcome?



I had been watching them for a long time. It had been so innocent at first, but then, when I saw her, I knew who she was instantly. I knew she had no knowledge of me, but I knew of her, even if it was brief. When I was younger, I'd always felt like an outsider, that I didn't belong with my current family, that I was different.

It was just by chance that I found out Kendall even existed. It was an accident, really. I had seen her walking with a woman one day through the streets of her town. I assumed the woman was her mother, by the way they interacted. I didn't let them see me. It would have been too weird, I think.

I bet when she sees me she'll ask why. Why I killed those people. Why I took her boyfriend. Why, why, why.

It's simple, really.

It's because I wanted to. It didn't matter that they were friends with her or even knew her. Killing them made me happy. Watching the life leave their eyes. Feeling their blood on my hands. Their pulse slowing beneath my fingers. It was all due to the thrill. I got a rush the first time, when I killed that shrink. He never saw it coming, the poor bastard.

Then there's the how. How did I get inside a person's head and plant those images. Those actions. That was something spectacular, actually, and I'll even admit that. It was all because of what I read one day. The book I found talked about twins and the links that they had, because they weren't normal.

We weren't like normal twins, I should say, Kendall and I. Anyone who has seen her can tell that she's something else entirely. Her eyes alone make her special. They are the key to her soul, to her fears, and to everything in between.

I bet she wished I hadn't killed Jared. I didn't want to. He was special, too. He was hand picked to be mine. Physically and emotionally, I was going to devour him until there was nothing left. I remember the first time he saw me, when the haze lifted, and his eyes were wide with fear. That was the reason I felt attracted to him in the first place.

I knew with the fear I could control him. I could make him do anything I wanted. I did for awhile, just small things. When I kissed him, I relished the flavor of his tongue, though now I couldn't tell you what it tasted like. I just know that he enjoyed it, enjoyed being close to me, even after what I had done.

I guess he had some issues he needed to work out.

Now I'm staring at Christian, the beautiful boy that has been unconscious and chained to my bed for the last hour. Eagerness erupted inside of me and I wanted him to wake up. I wanted him to see who I was. Jared had just been a sidestep to bigger things. Through his death surfaced this new creature, and I would take him, break him, and if it came down to it, kill him.

Then I would watch my dear sister die along with him.

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