Our Three Years

Harry Styles fanfic. Want more? Read it.
This is my first fanfic, so any comments would be appreciated.


9. Chapter 9

We all drank the whole two bottles of vodka, and we were drunk. "Hey, I'm gonna go for a walk, Adriana can you come with me?" Louis says. 
 "Yeah, sure." she says with a little giggle. "Hey, Lou! Be careful with her." I say and wink.
Adriana's POV
I follow Louis, because he obviously knows the nieghbourhood better. 
 "So, you and Harry, eh?" he says, and nudges my arm. "Well, not exactly, but I wish." Did I really just say that? "Then, just let it happen. He's a great guy." Louis says, and smiles at me. "I don't know.. What if he hurts me. I mean, he is Harry Styles. He's got milllions of girls after him, and they're all prettier than me anyway.." 
 "Just trust in him. And he'll never escape your arms. And I disagree with you on that last part. Your actually beautiful." Louis says, and his words hang in the air. I feel myself blush and curse because I don't want him to know that it got to me. 
 Me and Louis walk for another 10 or so minutes then start heading back. I start crossing the street, and I hear Louis scream. But it's too late. 
 I feel the impact of the car, and everything goes black. 

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