Our Three Years

Harry Styles fanfic. Want more? Read it.
This is my first fanfic, so any comments would be appreciated.


6. Chapter 6

Harry's POV
 I just kissed her.. What was so wrong with that? I run up after her and find her sitting on my bed crying. "Adriana?.. What did I do?" I ask. "Absolutely nothing.. It's me, I just.. I don't know how to explain it." she says. 
"Okay, well Harry.. I know I'll probably fall for you, and I don't want that.." she says, and her words sting. I drop my head feeling the pain of rejection wash over me. I really liked Adriana. "Harry.. it's just I've just gotten out of a really bad relationship, and I don't want it to end like that again." she says, lifting my head with her index finger. She kisses me lightly on the lips. "But, I would always keep you safe and I would never hurt you.. I promise." I say. "Harry, I just can't." she says, and gets up. "Wait! Where are you going?" 
 " Somewhere else." and she starts walking down the stairs. I grab her arm. "Adriana, you can't, please. Can we just.. start over?" I ask, looking into her beautiful eyes. I can see her thinking it over, "Alright." she says with a smile. I step back, "Well, hi. I'm Harry Styles, what's your name?" I say. "Adriana, it's nice to meet you!" she answers, and smiles. A dimple dotting her cheek. We go down to the lounge room and spend the rest of the evening watching television, then we went to our separate rooms, unfortunately, and went to sleep. 
 I got up the next morning and Adriana was still asleep, but I knew my mum was awake cause I could hear her rummaging around downstairs in the kitchen. I head downstairs.
 "Uh, mum?" I say awkwardly. She turns around and she has big bags under her eyes. "Yes, sweetie?" she says with a smile. Now that pissed me off. "Don't fucking sweetie me. Mum, she heard! And quite frankly, she was really hurt too. You don't know her past, I only know a bit of it." I say, "Her dad and mum were drunks... just like you." and I storm out of the room. I had never said that to my mum, but I don't regret it because she needs to know the truth. I hear the oh, so familiar sound of her looking in the cabinet, pulling out the bottle and taking a big chug. I can just picture it in my head. I see Adriana coming down the stairs and I try to hide my tears, but she notices. The smile on her face completely wipes off when she sees me.
 "Oh, Harry." she says in a small voice. She sticks her arms out for a hug and I accept. Her smell envelopes me, and I nuzzle my head in between her shoulder. She hugs tighter and rubs my back, when we pull away, I still have tears in my eyes but I feel a bit better. 
 "Sometimes, all you need is a hug." she says, then kisses me lightly on the cheek, and goes outside on our back porch.

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