Our Three Years

Harry Styles fanfic. Want more? Read it.
This is my first fanfic, so any comments would be appreciated.


5. Chapter 5

Harry's POV
 I hear the door slam and I know that she heard everything. My mum's eyes go wide, probably thinking the same thing. "Well, whatever her story is, she does have fucking feelings!" I yell, then run out of the house, after Adriana. "Hey, wait!" I say, and once I'm arms length away, I grab Adriana's arm so that she can't run any further. She stops and turns around, her face covered in fresh tears. "I-I'm sorry about my mum.. She was drunk.. and she kinda has a problem." I say, hating to admit it. Her eyes turn into a look of full concern. "Oh. I know what that's like. But I'll leave.." she says, the turns to start walking away but I grip her forearm harder. "Let's talk about it.. I really need someone to talk to. Just come back, please." I say hopefully. She starts walking back to the house, with no words to say that she's staying or going. 
 "Yeah, my dad was, uh.. is an alcoholic. But he doesn't admit it" Adriana says, gripping her tea with both hands. Just then my mum stumbles in, "Oh she's back?" she says. "Yeah mum, just go upstairs." I say, angry at her. She goes upstairs and I hear her door slam. I try to keep my tears in but I guess Adriana could tell. She puts her hand on mine and looks into my eyes. "It's okay. I'm here for you." she says, not breaking the gaze, and I don't attempt either. "Same for you." I answer.  
 "So, what about your mum?" I say, breaking the silence. " No mum. Died 11 years ago.." she answers flatly. "How did?-" "Car crash, she was drunk." she answers again, flatly. Wow, I think about how hard it must be for both her parents to be drunks. "So, why were you kicked out?" I say, hesitantly. "I got into a lot of bullshit at school, I guess my dad couldn't take it anymore."
 "What did you do that was that bad?.." I say. She laughs a little and says, "You ask a lot of questions." And gets up to put her empty tea cup into the sink. I laugh and get up after her. "I'm just curious." I say. She looks up at me, and I stare back.  
" You're beautiful." I say, not looking away. But she does, and I see her blush
Adriana's POV
 Honestly I wasn't anything special. I had long, curly hair that was brown with a mix of blonde. I had green ish turquoise eyes, and I wasn't very tall. Maybe 5 foot 3. I still blush at his comment even though I don't blush a lot. I can't be falling for Harry. I need to stop, right now. 
"I'll take your silence as a thank you." he says jokingly. I smile at him. 
" You hungry?" Harry asks. "Yes, very." I say, and he starts getting out some stuff to make.. pancakes? "Harry, it's like 7 o'clock, isn't it kind of late for pancakes?" I say. He just smiles cheekily at me and continues preparing. He heats up the stove and I start making the mix, but I guess he had a better idea. He grabs a handful of flour and throws it at my face I yell a bit because it caught me by surprise, but I take revenge quickly. Only Harry moves fast enough that it lands on his shirt instead of his face. He starts laughing, and it' so infectious that you can't possibly not join in. I run through unfamiliar rooms as Harry runs after me, with a handful of flour. I run into their lounge room, and there's only one way out, the one where Harry is coming in through. 
 "I caught you!" he says, and smiles evilly. I try to run, but he blocks my path. We now have a few centimeters between us, and I can smell his minty breath. His body radiates heat, like the sun. I look up at him and bite my lip. But before I can move back, he puts his hand to the back of my neck, and kisses me. He caught me off guard, but I found myself kissing back. I can't do this..
 I pull away and run up the stairs to his bedroom.


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