Our Three Years

Harry Styles fanfic. Want more? Read it.
This is my first fanfic, so any comments would be appreciated.


4. Chapter 4

Adriana's POV
 "So, what's your name?" he says as I look around the bathroom. "Uh.. Adriana" I say, looking into his deep green eyes. He smiles, and a dimple appears on his cheek. "I'm Harry." he says. Harry starts cleaning up the cut that my dad made on my face. It starts to sting and I keep my tears in, but I guess he could tell. "Oh, sorry. It'll probably sting a little from the rubbing alchohal." he says, then continues. He looks at me once he finishes and he just stares. I break the gaze and look down, but he lifts my chin with his finger. "What happened to you?" he says finally. "I uh.. got kicked out" I say, looking away from his gaze. "Well, it seems like you were literally kicked out" he says. "Punched." I say, then walk downstairs. I start opening the front door when Harry run's downstairs.
 "Wait, Adriana! Where are you going?" he says, running after me. "Uh.. I don't know.." I say. 
"Well, I have a spare room. You can live here.. if- if you don't have anywhere to go." he says, smiling down at me. He's about half a foot taller than me. "Oh, uh I don't know.. I could never do that.." I say, but I really wish that I could stay.  "No. Your staying, me and my mum could really use some company. It's gotten kinda awkward between us, so we need someone else around us" he says desperatly. "Okay.. I guess I'll stay." I say smiling. I stare into his deep orbs, and he gazes back. We continue the stare untill he breaks it and leads me up into the spare room. "This is my sister's, Gemma's, old room. She moved in with her fiance a few months ago, so the room is free." It was a four-poster bedroom, with peachy pink walls and a purple converter. There was a big wooden drawer, with several smaller drawers for clothes, and a mirror above it, with a walk-in closet to the side. It was a nice room, well anyway, nicer than a park bench where I would have spent my night if it weren't for Harry. 
 "Do you wanna borrow some clothes to change into?" he says after a while. I feel his eyes on me as I turn around. "Sure" I say, "That would be great." I smile and he goes across the small hallway into his bedroom, I guess. He takes out some sweat pants and a t-shirt. I stand in the doorway and stare at him. His beautiful curly hair.. His gorgeous eyes... The way his muscles flex with the slightest move. " Here you go." he hands me the clothes, then goes downstairs. I get changed and start heading down the stairs with my other clothes. I hear yelling, and I stop, not wanting to hear, but at the same time dying to know the cause of it. I continue walking down the stairs, hoping they'll hear me, but the yelling just gets louder. 
"Mum! I can't believe you can say that!" I hear Harry yell. "Harry, you don't know where she's been! How could you trust her! She could be on drugs, or an alcoholic, or just some crazy girl." I hear an unfamiliar voice yell. Tears come to my eyes, I drop the clothes I was holding and run out of the house.

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