Our Three Years

Harry Styles fanfic. Want more? Read it.
This is my first fanfic, so any comments would be appreciated.


3. Chapter 3

Two Years Ago...
 "Out! Now!" my dad yells. "Please, don't do this.." I say, tears forming in my eyes. "GO! I'm sick of all this bullshit that's happening at school. I'm giving you 10 minutes to pack some things, and your leaving" he yells back. I trudge up the stairs, sobs racking my body. I should have looked tough in front of my dad. I start packing some things into my red fabric suitcase. Oh, how I wish mum was here. It's been me and my dad for the past eleven years, after my mum died in a car crash with her best friend. Ever since her death, my dad thinks I've become a real big "trouble-maker". My dad barges in, grabs me and brings me down the stairs. He throws me on our porch, punches me, then slams the door. I lay on the porch, I hear the lock of the door, and realize I don't have a suitcase. I get up and start walking down the sidewalk. I feel my cheek start swelling up. I walk untill I can't walk anymore, it's now early afternoon and I sit down on someone's lawn, not caring if they yell at me.
 Then I start to cry, hard.

 Harry's POV
 "Hey mum! Have a nice rest?" I say, as my mum comes down the stairs from her nap. "Wonderful." she smiles back. I look outside the window from the lounge room and I see a girl sitting on the front lawn. Crying? It's freezing outside, why is she sitting out there? "I'll be right back, mum" I say, pulling on a sweater. I go outside and down the front path. "Uhm, hello?" I say hesitantly. She looks up, and right away her peircing green eyes stare at me. Tears streak her face. "Oh, uhm sorry.." she says, "I was just..." 
 "Don't worry about it" I say, "Come with me, I'll clean the cut on your face" I stick my hand out for her to grab, and she does. We start walking inside and I lead her to the bathroom.

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