Our Three Years

Harry Styles fanfic. Want more? Read it.
This is my first fanfic, so any comments would be appreciated.


10. Chapter 10

Author's Note**
what do you guys think so far? 

Louis' POV
I scream, then I call Harry.
One ring..
Two rings..
Three rin- "Hello?" comes Harry's cheery voice through the phone. "Adriana was hit by a car! Come quick." I yell into the phone, then tell him where we are. Then I call the ambulance. Two or three minutes later, Harry's Audi pulls up with Liam in the drivers' seat. Harry runs out and goes to Adriana's body. She's bleeding alot and she isn't breathing very well. 
 Harry's POV
"Adriana?" I whisper, then I say it again and again, louder each time, untill I'm screaming, and she still doesn't respond. The ambulance comes, and whisks Adriana off to the hospital. We all pile into my car, and Liam drives us to the hospital. We sit in the waiting room. 
 "Louis, how could you?!" I scream at him. "Harry, it wasn't my fault." he says calmly, which pisses me off even more. "You were fucking with her, you could have told her to wait for you before crossing the street!" I yell. Now a few people are staring, and I just sit down and begin to cry. I bury my hands into my hair, and sink down into the chair. We wait for another 2 and a half to 3 hours. 
 "Alright, you can come and see her now. But she's-" and that's all I need to hear. I run into the room and I see her. A million machines surround the bed where she lays. I go up cautionsly, and take her hand in mine. It's cold. I start warming it up, by rubbing my hands against her's. 
 "Adriana?" I whisper. "Harry, erm, she's in a coma." 
My heart almost failed then. 

 "Well, when will she wake up? Right, she's gonna wake up.. right?." I say hopefully. "Well, probably, but she's not going to remember anything." the doctor says.
Those words hurt me even more. 
The next week went by really slow. I spent the whole time at the hospital, and at the end of the week, I realized I was still in the same clothes that I wore the night of the accident. It ha gotten out on twitter that I knew Adriana, and about what happened that night. 
 Two weeks went  by, then three turned into four. And then finally Adriana's eyes fluttered opened, and I heard the words I dreaded to hear all this time. 
 "Erm, sorry, but who are you..?" 
 "I'm erm, Harry Styles. We were practically dating and uhm.. yeah." I say. Her face turns into a look of confusion. "Where am I?" she says, and tries to sit up, but winces in pain. "Ow, ow ow." "Your in the hospital and you were hit by a car." 
 "Oh." is all she says. 

 The boys walk in, "Hey, Haz! She's awake!" Louis says, then see's my face and understands competely. "Oh, man.. I'm really sorry." Liam says. 
 He sticks his hand out to Adriana. "Well, I'm Liam Payne." and the rest of the boys do the same, saying their own name though. "You all seem very lovely, but I don't remember you.. or anything really." 

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