The Writer's Rant

There are so many things writers do to piss me off. Starting with cliches and bad humor, this is just a guide/rant to some things.

I personally do some of these things so if you want to call me stuff, all you'll get is the bird ;)

It's my first book having to do with humor and ranting but I hope to just write. I will not be advertising this because if you want to read, you will.

End of story, start reading.


2. Part Two of the Writer's Rant

Just so we're clear, the Writer's Rant is involving things writers do. As in spamming people to read their stories, being a comment grubber and their writing too. It isn't just about the writing solely.

There, I just cleared that up.

This section of the rant is focused on personalities. Not all sections will be a main topic, and there will be other chapters with personalities that piss me off, but I just thought this would be something new to try out.

6. The Badass...

Yeah, there's always one. In my other story, My Past Is Your Demise, almost all the characters are badasses. Badasses aren't what piss me off though. It's how they're portrayed. I've read so many stories on how the bad boy or bad girl drinks, smokes, and gets tattoos. How is that a symbol of badassness? Oh, and I forgot the fact they get into fights.

Me? I'm a colorful dresser with a vibrant streak in my hair. I call myself the undercover badass. I get into fist fights. I've hit a girl (I am a girl) and I have the I don't really care attitude. That doesn't mean I try so hard to do that, or I drink and smoke. I can't handle the taste of alcohol and I am a religious person. In my religion I can't get any tattoos and I'm fine with that.

My main point is that I don't know how many people are the 'badasses' in stories, but I doubt there's enough of them to write a billion stories because that's how many I've seen.

In my story, the character is an assassin but they aren't the half player half badass characters in teen fiction.

Which brings me to my next point...


7. The Player...

I am not in High School. I just want to clarify this now.

I don't know if there are such things as players but along with badassness, I doubt there are enough to fill all those stories.

It's also kind of funny how they're all portrayed the same way. All players are 'ridiculously hot' (gag me) with a cocky attitude and apparently really good at sports or with muscles. That doesn't exist. I've seen high school guys and they aren't buff! They're immature/awkward and annoying!

Players, to me, are myths lonely girls created to make their fantasies come true.

To be honest, I like to read player stories. No matter how unoriginal they are, they're actually fun to read. A lot of things I'll be complaining about are things I actually read or do. Like the badasses, I love those stories! Especially when it's a girl that's a badass. I'm only complaining because it's a point that needs to be said, no matter how much I like the stories.

Players are also known for their smirk. What's up with that? What is a smirk? Apparently, it's like a cocky smile but what's up with people smirking all the time? That's just annoying. I don't know anyone who smirks and if I did, I'd slap them!


8. The Good Girl...

Yes, you know they exist, so why do I have a problem with them? I have a problem with them because although they are realistic, they're pushovers! No one likes a Bella Swan in their story! Come on girls, don't you want a strong character representing our gender?

I have nothing against males being strong, but I'm so sick of females being the ones who can't do anything!

Good girls are pretty interesting characters because you can do so much with the whole backstory and why the character is what she is. In My Past is Your Demise (original version) the character will start out as a good girl and she will have better reasons than in the teen fiction I read everyday.

I really hate how the good girl can't stand up for themselves, or if they can, they don't. I've never seen a good girl with an attitude unless the story is about a good girl turned bad which is actually quite entertaining.


9. The Class Whore...

I don't really like using that word because it's degrading but it's true. In the PG 13 ones there is almost always a girl who is the villain of the main character.

The scene I've seen (I said seen twice!) too many times is where the main girl gets the guy and the evil psycho girl does something that tends to either get her killed or arrested.

I personally feel bad for that character.

Most people would hate her but I think she's overdone but yet pitiful. No matter how badly she acts, she's forever branded as a whore but no one even knows why she does what she does.

There is no insight on that character, ever so that's why I hate that character. no, not because she's awful, but because she's led to be something with no background. She could've been an abused kid for all anyone knew.

There's also that moment where you find the girl's boyfriend (main character) cheating on her with the class whore. That's overdone and cliche! It's like 'I want u so I'm going to force you to kiss me," oh boo hoo! That doesn't happen, come on...

It's like someone getting cookies and you wanting their cookies so you steal them. No, you can't have my cookies! I feel like the cookie monster, though I'm not blue... nor a sesame street character..


10. The Bubbly Best Friend

Most stories also have the supporting characters. I love the supporting characters, sometimes even more than the main. The main characters are like the taco shells, you see the most of them, but the supporting characters are the filling. They are the most interesting and best part.

The thing most stories lack are good supporting characters that have enough parts. Don't make the entire story about one or two character. Have 10, why not?

The bubbly best friend is something completely realistic. My best friend is a huge optimist while I'm a pessimist but the difference is that in stories, the supporting characters are ignored.

If I ignored my best friend?

She's slap the poop out of me!

It just makes me want to slap an author so hard when they shun a character to focus on the main while the main is actually super boring! If Twilight was focused on Rosalie, it would be a lot more badass!


This is the end of my rant, but the next part will be done, maybe in a week?

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