The Writer's Rant

There are so many things writers do to piss me off. Starting with cliches and bad humor, this is just a guide/rant to some things.

I personally do some of these things so if you want to call me stuff, all you'll get is the bird ;)

It's my first book having to do with humor and ranting but I hope to just write. I will not be advertising this because if you want to read, you will.

End of story, start reading.


6. Part Six of the Writer's Rant

I know it's been a while, so here we go!

This part will be quite random so here we go!

26. Text Talk...

I have seen this and it kind of upsets me. When someone uses OMG in writing as part of description. If it's OMG in dialogue, I can live, but other than that... It's pathetic. Also, there's people using LOL and @ instead of at.

There aren't shortcuts when it comes to writing! You need to do it the long way, just to make it sound better. Is it so hard to write Oh God, or Dear God? Don't use OMG, it sounds stupid! Even when I text, surprisingly, I like to use full sentences and punctuation. I'm so strange...


27. One Person Stops Bullying?

You know those bullying movies?  Where it's like new girl gets bullied by the populars?

Well, the cliche thing is that in the end there's that person who stands up and everyone else follows. Is that really what happens? Because I doubt it from personal experience.

I may just be being cynical and mean, but come on! I've been bullied and no one stood up for me. I've been feeling bad for years now and most days are good, but I've never had someone stand up for me. I just feel like it isn't true.

False hope...

You can't stop bullying all by yourself. Don't you need more people? It's not like 'Someone is saying stop, so I'm going to be mindless and listen.' We call it convincing because nothing comes that easy!


28. Waking Up By Alarm Clock...

I've seen this a lot in Teen Fiction. Why must everyone wake up by that evil beeping thing sent from He**? I mean, I get woken up by alarm clock everyday, but that doesn't mean everyone has to use the same freaking line in EVERY single story!!

Why not woken up by the sound of a scream? Burning smells? By an actual person?

My parents had to throw me out of bed to get me to wake up, but no, that doesn't happen in stories. And how about waking up by yourself?

I want to murder my alarm clock, but that just so happens to be the sentence right after. All teens freaking hate their alarm clocks, yet still use them.


29. Super Long Titles...

I'm In Love With A Super Hot Guy But He's Gay So I Have To Fake Date My Best Friend To Get Him To Become Straight.

That is one title.

'Kay, that is an exaggeration, but I've read stories that spell out the freaking story. Choose a title that's interesting, relates to the story, but doesn't give it away. And don't make it a freaking mouthful. I don't think it should exceed more than 6 words.

And also I've seen people with the super long titles and they mostly suck. You lose readers if the title is too long. No one likes to read stories with long titles... Just saying.

Have you noticed that most of the long titles are actually really cliche and written by 12 year old girls. Oh wait... I'm 12 and a girl. I really didn't think that one through..

NOTE: I have nothing against gays and if that was insulting, I will change it.


30. Fat Girl Gets Bullied and Comes Back As a Hot Chick...

I don't know what we're supposed to learn in this society, but come on!

I feel like people who write these stories make it as if being thin is the most important thing ever. Cliche plot: Fat girl gets bullied. Fat girl moves away. Becomes hot and falls in love with her bully.


There are so many girls already feeling bad about their bodies. And people who write these kinds of stories make it like when the girl becomes thin, she's automatically popular and pretty. I despise these kinds of stories and I find them incredibly offensive.

If you're fat, you can still be pretty. You know that right? I've entered the #KeepingItReal contest and if you've read it, you'll know my problem with image and weight.

Being pretty in the face has barely anything to do with being fat because fat only goes in your face if you're sick.

Shoutout to everyone who thinks they aren't pretty! You're all freaking beautiful. Go to your mirror right now... I mean it! Shut down your monitor or touch screen and go to your bathroom and look at yourself! You're beautiful no matter what and I just wished more of you guys would see that...

I'm done,

-Nova XWN (Yes, I changed my username)

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