A Summer Romance (1D Style)

When Alexa finds out she's in the same hotel as One Direction, she can't help but wonder what kind of embarrassing things her friends would say. But not even for a minute did she think she'd be falling in love with any of them.

- Please no hate, it's the first one i've done :)


7. Waking Up


 "Alexa? Alexa? Can you hear us?” I heard a voice, I wasn't sure whose voice it was, but it was lovely to hear someone, it meant I wasn't dead. “Alexa! Don't go into the light. Whatever you do, don't go into the light!” I opened my eyes, there were about twelve blurry heads gathering around me. They started to clear up. Each head had four eyes.. That wasn't right. Apparently the first thing I came out with was, “I come in peace.” I could see clearly now. It wasn't twelve heads, it was six, and they all now only had two eyes. Amelia, Ruby, Daisy, Harry, Louis and Niall were all crowding round me and Zayn was fanning me with a fan. I sat up, Liam was opening the balcony doors to let some air in. “What happened?” I asked confused. “We don't know” Louis started, “All the boys were in my room and when they left we saw you on the floor, we took you into your room and you woke up.”

Oh.” was all I could come out with.

Well anyway, we better get going” said Niall. They all headed for the door, I walked over to the door with them to say goodbye, as they left, Harry turned round to me face me, “Don't ever do that again, you had us all worried.”

I won't” I replied with a giggle. He walked away, I closed the door and sat on my bed, Daisy and Amelia were going on about how amazing the boys were while Ruby was sitting on the end of her bed, sighing constantly. We decided to go to sleep, we all lay in our beds quietly when I asked, “Who do you have a crush on?” Amelia was the first to reply, “Louis!” Amelia had never been ashamed to say something, if she wanted to say something, she'd say it. “What about you Daisy?”

Well you could say I liked Liam a bit”

"Ruby?Who do you have a crush on?” She didn't reply, Ruby was the shy one of us all, it took us a while of trying to get it out of her, but eventually she came out with, “Niall, He's so cute... even though he's older than me.” We all started laughing. “Anyway, goodnight!” I yawned.

Hang on.” said Ruby.

You haven't told us who you have a crush on yet.” Giggled Daisy.

To be honest, I don't have a crush on anyone. And that's the truth!” I smiled.

Yeah but what about Harry?” Amelia asked suspiciously.

What about him?” I asked.

I think you have a crush on him.”

What?! No!” I spluttered. I sat up. They all looked at me with one raised eyebrow each. “I just think he's a sweet boy who can be a bit flirty at times-”

A bit flirty?!” Ruby asked in shock.

Ok, he can be a bit too flirty, but that doesn't make me have a crush on him, I just think he'd be a great friend. I mean, that's all I want to be, friends.”

Suurrreeee...” said Ruby. We all settled down after a long day and went to sleep.

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