A Summer Romance (1D Style)

When Alexa finds out she's in the same hotel as One Direction, she can't help but wonder what kind of embarrassing things her friends would say. But not even for a minute did she think she'd be falling in love with any of them.

- Please no hate, it's the first one i've done :)


12. 'One Thing' I'll Never Forget


We woke up late for breakfast that morning so we waited until lunch to have something to eat, I don't think any of us were that hungry anyway, unlike Niall. The days passed by, we had loads of fun together and we all laughed a lot, we would tip each other off the lilo I brought, we'd get to hear crazy stories that fans have done, and me, Daisy, Ruby and Amelia went bright red at one time because one of the stories was us. Oops.

But as time went on, I knew the end was growing nearer and nearer. I wish good things never came to and end, but they have to don't they? There were some times when the boys would go and do their own thing, and me and the girls would do our own thing, that was mainly because we would want to go shopping and they wouldn't want to, but most of the time we had, we all spent together. It was a great holiday, one of the best, and I don't think I'll ever forget it. I know i don't want to forget it either.

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