A Summer Romance (1D Style)

When Alexa finds out she's in the same hotel as One Direction, she can't help but wonder what kind of embarrassing things her friends would say. But not even for a minute did she think she'd be falling in love with any of them.

- Please no hate, it's the first one i've done :)


9. Looking Around..


I told the girls I was going to have a look around our hotel and when I did, they're wasn't much to see, it was just the same, at the far end of the pool area, there was a park, it had a slide, swings, monkeybars, see-saw, the lot! But it was full of stones and sand, not the best combination, the floor was very hot where the sun had been shining, so I burnt my feet, not very convenient. There was a bar with two tellies and the drinks from the bar were freezing cold, very refreshing for the kind of heat we were in. When I had a good nose around, I went back to the pool where I saw our rep, he was who we went to if we wanted to ask anything, He was quite young, maybe 19-20, and he was originally from the U.K. I went and sat by him to ask about the attractions around our hotel, he was really good help and he explained that there were a few water parks, some beaches, a lot of restaurants we could go to and there was entertainment on nearly everywhere we went, it was a nice area, nice and quiet too. As I was talking to our rep, Louis, Liam and Niall walked past and gave me a little smile each, I smiled back, wondering where Zayn and Harry were. I carried on talking to our rep, when Zayn and Harry walked by, Zayn smiled, I smiled back, then Harry said hi, I smiled and gave him a little wave, after about another five minutes, I said thanks to the rep and worked my way back to the pool trying to avoid the hot sun on my shoulders. When I got back, I sat on my sunbed, watching a gecko scampering from one patch of shade to another patch of shade, then Harry came over,

“Hey” he said “Can I take a seat?” as he pointed to a space next to me on the sunbed.

Sure” I smiled at him.

Who was that you were talking to before? He asked me curiously.

My boyfriend” I said. His face dropped and he didn't reply. Oops, might have said the wrong thing, “I'm joking, he's our rep, he's supposed to tell us things we need help with, or if we don't understand anything, he'll tell us the answers.”

Well I don't understand why I like you, but you don't like me back, will he help me with that?”

I giggled, “That was cheesy..."

"But I need to know." He looked at me.

"I don't know, why don't you ask him, maybe he knows the answer.. because I don't.”

Ok then, I will go and ask him!” He stood up.



His shift is over now, he's gone home.” I laughed.

Oh.” He thought for a while. “Then I shall ask him tomorrow!”

He doesn't work Tuesdays” I laughed again.

I give up, I will just ask him when I next see him!”



Thought not.” we both laughed. Harry walked back over to the boys.

We all went out to get something for our lunch then came back to the pool where we let out food settle and about an hour later the girls asked me if I wanted to go in the pool with them, I agreed, but they said they wouldn't go in unless I jumped in first. So I did, I stood on the side of the pool, ready to jump in when I heard, “Alexa! Watch out!!”

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