A Summer Romance (1D Style)

When Alexa finds out she's in the same hotel as One Direction, she can't help but wonder what kind of embarrassing things her friends would say. But not even for a minute did she think she'd be falling in love with any of them.

- Please no hate, it's the first one i've done :)


8. It's Not Always Their Fault.


The next day we got up got dressed, done our hair and went down for breakfast, we found a table for four and sat down and ate. As I was talking, all the girls kept on looking over at a table behind me, so I turned round to see that One Direction were sitting there, should have known. After a while I got a bit annoyed because I didn't think they were listening to what I had to say so I stood up and took a flip on them, “Why don't you go and sit with them instead then? I'm sure you'll find what they have to say interesting!!” I ran off and sat on one of the couches they had in the reception, fiddling with my fingers. I sat thinking about what I had done, one half of me was telling me to go and say sorry about what had happened, but the other half was telling me that they deserved it, after all they weren't listening to a word I was saying. Eventually, I gave in, it wasn't their fault, I mean, it's One Direction, why wouldn't you want to look at them. I got up of the couch and walked over to the table,

“Sorry guys, I didn't mean to kick off on you all like that, I don't know what came over me. Sorry.” I dropped my head down.

It's Ok, things like that happen, it's our fault, we should have been listening.” smiled Ruby happily. “C'mon, lets go get some sun cream on, then we can go chill by the pool!” We walked up the stairs, up to our room where we got some sun cream on. We went down to the pool where I stayed in the shade for a bit, I blew up the lilo we brought with us, then I decided it was too hot to be in the sun, I asked the girls if they wanted to come in the pool with me to cool off, they all said they'd be in in a minute, so I got on the lilo and was floating around the pool, I found it quite boring being alone with nothing to do but lay on a lilo in the middle of a pool so I decided to make pictures out of the clouds, when I looked at the sky, it came to my surprise, there were no clouds. Just a blue sky with the bright sun in the middle of it all. I lay on the lilo wanting someone to come in the pool, no-one did, so I got out.

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