A Summer Romance (1D Style)

When Alexa finds out she's in the same hotel as One Direction, she can't help but wonder what kind of embarrassing things her friends would say. But not even for a minute did she think she'd be falling in love with any of them.

- Please no hate, it's the first one i've done :)


2. It All Links Together

He streched a hand out to help me up. I grabbed his hand and he pulled me up, immediatly I realised how soft his hands were. He turned to the girl and said to her, "Why did you push over this lovely girl?" She didn't say anything back, she just leaped on him, I quickly backed up, I spotted my pink and white spotty suitcase and went to get it. I picked it up and turned around to head for the exit. As I started walking, he came running over, "do you need any help with that suitcase?"

"No, I'm fine, but thanks for asking"

"But it looks awfully heavy"

"I can manage, haven't you got your own suitcase to carry?"

"No, Niall's got mine, just while I'm chatting to you" He smiled.

I stopped walking and looked at him. Where had I seen that face before?


No, I would have known. I'd never had a question to bug me for so long. "Look" I said, "I think I can manage by myself, but thanks for asking"

"Ok, well if you ever need help carrying anything, just ask" 

He looked disappointed as he walked away. I carried on walked when I could faintly hear someone singing, "Baby you light up my world like no-body else, the way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed-" Those lyrics, I'd heard them before. Before I left the airport to get on my coach, I went to the toilet, I stood, looking at myself in the mirror. My brown wavy hair, which i had put in a messy bun, had fallen out a bit, but i din't care. i looked at my bright blue eyes. They filled up with water as I saw a tear roll down my cheek. Why was I crying? nothing had made me upset. I heard the singing again, "That's what makes you beautiful!" I fell to the floor, sobbing. It had all linked together. The screaming girl, the song lyrics, the way he said Niall was holding his suitcase. Him. That boy. That boy was Harry Styles. And I hadn't realised.




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