Saskia was born an unwanted child , she grew up as an unwanted child and she was beaten like an unwanted child. Ever since she can remember , she has been abused by her dad who beated her mum to death . This was never the life she wanted is it time to stand up


5. rescued

She had been running for other 3 hours before she fell to the ground under a dark tunnel where she knew would be safe , she saw the clock from the big building she once visited with her mum before she died , right now , Ash would be walking home from drunk , and in about 55 seconds he would be home , ready to find no one there , the fought of that made Siska shiver . She looked up to the stars and before she fell into a deep sleep which she knew would only bring her nightmares , she said

" thank you mum "

Siska woke up to a bright light shining in her face , she was scared but knew that this was much much better than a knife to her throat , she leant up to see three elderly woman standing around her , she looked at herself , she was wearing new pyjamas of the richest material she had ever seen and she could see all her cuts were meaded to just short scars .

" what is your names and why am I here ?" Siska said to the women

" Im Mary and this is Leah and Fiona my sisters , we found you in a rough state last night and brough tyou back to our mansion , what is your name and how did you end up where we found you ? " Said the elderly women with bright red hair

" Im Siska , i ran away from my Mum boyfriend " Siska said in a whiser , she didnt really want to tell them why .

" Why , was it him that gave you all those scars and cuts , did he abuse you , what did your mother have to say ?  Said Leah

Siska didnt know what to say , she should tell them or should she kept it inside ? She knew keeping it inside was wrong so she said

" yes he did , he hurt me ever since the day my mother died "

" Well it seems like you going to have to stay here then , but if you do you need to tell us the things we need to know " Said mary

Siska knew she had to say something but what ?

" Im pregnant "

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