Saskia was born an unwanted child , she grew up as an unwanted child and she was beaten like an unwanted child. Ever since she can remember , she has been abused by her dad who beated her mum to death . This was never the life she wanted is it time to stand up


3. Pregnant

Three weeks had passed and the same thing happened everynight , but everynight it seemed to hurt a little less . Ash explained that the blood was to show she had started her period , it would happen every month and that she was a woman who can have children now . On the 6th of feburary when Ash left for work , Siska went upstaires and knew that there would be blood but their wasnt , she was confused but didnt worry  about it . she done her chores and everything she needed to do for the day . When Ash came home like always he was drunk , but instead of going to bed he asked me if there was any blood and I said no .

The same things happened for five days but on the sixth when he came home and asked me if there was any blood and I said no he replied ,

" your pregnant "

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