Saskia was born an unwanted child , she grew up as an unwanted child and she was beaten like an unwanted child. Ever since she can remember , she has been abused by her dad who beated her mum to death . This was never the life she wanted is it time to stand up


4. Escape

When those words , those cruel sick words come out of his mouth , Siska knew she had to run , she knew she had to go , she could no longer live her life like this . Even though she was 12 , she was a very mature 12 yr old so she knew what she had to do , luckily she was left in peace that night , for the first night in over 3 weeks , she was left in peace .

When Ash left for work in the morning , Siska had already decided what she was going to do , she went to the kitchen and took out the biggest knife she could find and then she run up the staires to the locked bedroom door leading to Ash's bedroom and hit the old broken door with the knife as many times as she could until the door opened , she went straight to the wardrobe and put on the first piece of clothing she could find  , she grabbed a big bag and went back to the kitchen and fill the bag up with food , the fod that she was never allowed to touch so she never has , but now is an exepction . she placed the knife in her hand , put on the first pair of shoes that fit her in the door way and kicked the door in . Right there , where she stood she felt fresh air for the first time in years , she saw light and people for the first time , she almost forgot what she was doing . But then she clicked , running down the staires she smiled and cried , she was free ....

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