Saskia was born an unwanted child , she grew up as an unwanted child and she was beaten like an unwanted child. Ever since she can remember , she has been abused by her dad who beated her mum to death . This was never the life she wanted is it time to stand up


2. Blood

Nightmares , they follow you everywhere , but Siska only seems to have one , the same nightmare everynight  , the nightmare of watching here mother die , watching her be beaten by Siska's dad ,Ash and worst of all , hearing her say she loves her which meant pain for the rest of her childhood .

On the morning on January 21st Siska woke up on the floor where she slept every night ,with a knife to her throat , it has been this was for the last 5 years , of course the hand holding the knife belonged to Ash who has punished and abused Siska since the day her mum said she loved her , anything her mum liked was destroyed . Siska got up and and did what she did every morning , cleaned and scrubed every inch of the five bedroom house with a gun to her head and if she missed a part she would get whipped , which in her case hurt even more as she was not allowed to wear clothes , she then had to make Ash's lunch for work which is a triple ham sandwich , a packet of crisps and a tortillla wrap , to add was three bottles of vodka which was Siska's worts part as Ash would come home drunk everyday which would also mean more pain and punishment for her ,

Today when Ash left for work , 12 year old Siska went back upstaires to the bathroom , she went to the toilet and saw blood in the toilet . She did not know what this meant , she did not know if this was normal or anything she just knew that she had to tll Ash .

Later that day after 15 hours of Siska scrubbing , drunk Ash came home and went to bed as usual , he woke up just in time for dinner and come down to the kitchen , Siska had prepared fish and chips for Ash and a bowl of cold chicken soup for herself that has been in the fridge of over three months , this has to last her till dinner time tommorow as like always she saves it till later . Whilst Ash is eating his dinner at the fastest speed possible Siska finally bucks up her courage

" when you was at work , I went to the bathroom when I finished , I realised there was a little bit of blood , do you know what it could be :

Ash just smiled and said

" Dont you worry , I have been waiting for this day for a long time "

And then he left the room

So much was going through Siska's head , what did he mean ? Was it a good thing ? All that she knew was that she did not like the look on his face . Siska has thought about running away over a million times , but there is only won thing stopping her , Ash purposely took away her clothes , just to make sure she would never leave this house , he never leaves one piece of lcothing around the house just make sure , so she knew running away from him was never an opition .

Later that night Siska wnet upstaires to bring Ash up a snack , she found him laying on the bed naked , she gave him his lunch and Ash turned around and rabbed her and pulled her on the bed , she screamed , 14 hours later , abused Siska was thrown on her bedroom floor by Ash who then said be ready again for tommorow , for the first time every ,Siska had been rapped ....


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