more than this

Honestly I'm not sure what to write here because I'm gonna just write the story as I think it and I your welcome to comment suggestions ...the basics are ... There is thins girls called jess she is a massive fan of the boys she was just working in nandos her everyday job when one direction walk in but who will she fall for will it be a one time thing or will sue see them again who will win her heart blondy or curly ....


1. chapter1

lucyfruin style="font-size:1.25em">hey im jess, i have a normal life I live in london and, work in nandos resturant. Its lovely there the people that come in are all lovely, theres never any trouble, and we all work together well. ahh and yeah i love one direction, like a lot. one day i will meet them, and we will become best friends, well thats in my dream. i work along side my best friend rachel, she has blond straight  hair and blue eyes, she is beautiful unlike me, i have brown wavey hair and hazel eyes, i havent got the pefect body, but i like to think im not massive.i was in work one day it wasnt that busy it was getting late it was around 10:30 pm i was just waiting around everyone had gone home i was left to lock up at 11 i just sat there waiting the cook had left the last chicken in the warmer thingy that keeps it all warm and freash i sat there with a coffee trying to keep myseft aake but i as craving a purple rockstar suddenly i as pulled out of my daydream when i heard the door slam shut i looked up to see 2 beautiful green eyes staring at me i was locked onto his eyes untill i heard a cough emurge from behind him i look around and saw another four boys siting at a table then is when i finally came into realisation it as harrys eyes i was staring into and it as louis who coughed OMG i cant belive it rachel is going to be so jealouse then is when i realised i as doing it again i stoped thinking and looked at mr.styles i tried to speak but nothing came out i was still in shock i finally maneged to say something after trying so hard "can i help you" harry looked at me and gave me a smile his teeth are so perfect "yes plese love can we have whatever chicken you have left it lookes as if you were about to lock up so we will take whatever you have and leave as quickly as possible" it was then i rememberd i had the keys in my hand no i dont want them to live i want them to stay forever i had to stop them "umm i wasnt goonna lock up for another hour"i lied "please stay i could do with some company its sooo boring" i hoped that would work without sounding to needy "umm i suppose" he said " we cant leave such a pretty girl like you on there own" ahh thank good there staying i could feel the heat come of my cheeks as i put my head down i felt a cold hand on my chin as harry lifted my head back up "dont do that" he said "do what" i replied "put you head down you are beautiful dont let anyone tell you otherwise" ic ould feel the rush comeing to my cheeks again i just smiled and replied "ill go get the chicken"..............

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