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Honestly I'm not sure what to write here because I'm gonna just write the story as I think it and I your welcome to comment suggestions ...the basics are ... There is thins girls called jess she is a massive fan of the boys she was just working in nandos her everyday job when one direction walk in but who will she fall for will it be a one time thing or will sue see them again who will win her heart blondy or curly ....


9. Chapter 8

We arrived at Harry's flat a sudden nervous feeling filling stomach. The thought of spending some time  with my idol.
We walked through the door the sent of freshness filling my nose. It was surprisingly clean for a young male. I followed harry into the living room, the design was amazing very modern.
"Would you like a drink" he asked. It was only then I realised the dryness in my throat. I nodded letting A small "yes please" escape my lips. He nodded and walk out the door. I took this time to take a proper look at the room. I noticed some pictures on top of the fire place. Before I had realised I has approached them and was gazing at them I figured them all out to be his family ones with Anne, Gemma and robin. They were all so lovely. I heard a slight cough from behind me, I slowly turned my head to see harry leaning  against the door frame, two cups in hand. Staring at me with a glint in his eyes. I was about to speak when there was a loud knock on the door. He placed the cups on a small table that was placed in the middle of the room, and walk out the door again.

I followed him out only to be bombarded with hugs from the boys. "Hello!!" Louis screamed in my ear."are you trying to damage my hearing" I replied "maybe" I gave a slight giggle and greeted everyone properly. Once everyone had settled down we decided to watch a film. "Which film should we watch" Harry asked "women in black" Louis screamed "noooo I hate that movie" I rejected "don't worry love I'm here" Harry said as he put the disk on and sat next to Me pulling a blanket over us.


By the time the movie was finished I had my head in Harry's shirt and the popcorn was everywhere, the boys were rolling around with laughter at  my reactions. I was red with embarrassment. After everyone finally shut up we watched a few more movies.

****************************************** By the end it was about 5 o'clock and everyone was getting hungry. Niall had earthquakes coming from his stomach. We settled on ordering a pizza. We talked a bit untill the pizza came we at and ate the pizza then we all retreated back to the sofas.


"what now" Liam asked 

"truth or dare" Louis screams ......







im so so so sorry to anybody that has actually been reading this lets just say I've had a lot of family matters to deal with I will promise to update a lot more frequently And make the chapters longer. I'm not sure where this is going yet if you have any ideas please do share you could kik me at *lucyfruin1998* or tweet me @lucyloves1Dxxx





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