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Honestly I'm not sure what to write here because I'm gonna just write the story as I think it and I your welcome to comment suggestions ...the basics are ... There is thins girls called jess she is a massive fan of the boys she was just working in nandos her everyday job when one direction walk in but who will she fall for will it be a one time thing or will sue see them again who will win her heart blondy or curly ....


8. chapter 7

jess pov

i ha just woke up and wasnt sure i yeasterday was real or not i jumped out of bed and got in the shiower i jumped out 20 minits later and noticed my phone flashing on my night stand i walked over and pickd it up i had a text from harry, yeasterday was real then. i opened the text " hello love im going to pick you up in an hour where do you live " i text back qckly and started getting changed it was already 11 so he was comeing at 12. i changed into some pick jeans and a tank tp with the england flag on it i matched that with some black ankle boots. i dried my curly hair and left it to fall wherever it was now half 11 so i decided to pack my overnight bag. by the time i finished i decided to wake my brother up yes i live with my brother luke his 3 years older than me but we get on really well. i knocked on his door and heard a small groan i walked in and he was still sleeping. i tip toed further in and leand over his bed i reached my hand out about to shake him awake when my phone suddenly rung nd kiss you bu 1D started playing shit mt brothers eyes shot open and he sat up "turn it off would you" he growled i giggle and slipped my phone out my pocket. i answed it without looking the name "hello" i said "hey love" i would know that voice anywhere i grinned like a idiot "hi" "im just about to leave be there in 10" "ok ill see you in a bit" "bye" "bye" with that i hug up on harry.
i lifted my head up to see my brother smirking at me "what" i asked "who made you so happy" "you wouldnt belive me even if i told you" i said walking out the room. i walked in the kitchen closely followed by my brother he grabbed a bowl of cornflakes while i grabbed a glass of water "just tell me" he said then winked spotting my overnight bag on the chair "fine im speanding the night at harry styles" my brother burst out laughing "said you wouldnt belive me" i said sulking "beause its not true" he answerd "yeah ok im lieing you will see his picking me up in a sec" i slightly yelled annoyed "belive it when i see it" he said and s on que the doorbell rang i smirked at my brother i slung my bag over my shoulded and walked to the door my brother coose on my tail i took in one big breath and opend the door to a warm smile "hi love" harry said pulling me into a hug i smiled and hugged back. i turned back to a jaw dropped brother "bye luke" i said giving him a kiss on the cheek and turning back to harry.we walk down my path up to the car harry opened the door like a gentleman and i got in.we started to drive bt i could tell somehing was wrong i decided to sp k up "harry are you ok" i asked "yeah ... its just .. umm .. is luke ok with you staying the night with me and the boys" he asked what an odd question " yeah why woluldnt my brother be ok wih with it he doesnt say where i can and cant go" i answered "hold on brother" harry said a look of relife on his face "yes" i stated "why"i asked "nothing.. dont worry" he said that glimmer arriving back in his eyes.tonights gonna be fun .....
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