more than this

Honestly I'm not sure what to write here because I'm gonna just write the story as I think it and I your welcome to comment suggestions ...the basics are ... There is thins girls called jess she is a massive fan of the boys she was just working in nandos her everyday job when one direction walk in but who will she fall for will it be a one time thing or will sue see them again who will win her heart blondy or curly ....


4. Chapter 3

Jess P.O.V I quickly grabbed the chicken from the warmer and headed out trying to balance 3 trays was hard but I done it many times before. I saw Harry glance at me once or twice but then u saw him give a cold stare to niall what was going on . I just ignored it and placed the trays on the table " there you go boys " they all thanked me and i went to walk away when a cold hand grabbed my wrist sending shivers up my spine I spun round to see the owner of the hand to be nialls he smiled "can we have some ketchup please" " certainly" I replied I went off to get some .... I returned a few minutes later and placed the ketchup on table Niall smiled and thank me I nodded and tired to walk away my stomach rumbling at he site of all there food "where you going love" I turned round to see a cheeky Harry looking at me "no where special" I replied "well then you sound hungry" Harry said as he scooted over and patted the space next to him " no I couldn't invade.." He cut me off "don't be silly sit and eat some chicken " I smile politely and took the seat next to him.

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