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Honestly I'm not sure what to write here because I'm gonna just write the story as I think it and I your welcome to comment suggestions ...the basics are ... There is thins girls called jess she is a massive fan of the boys she was just working in nandos her everyday job when one direction walk in but who will she fall for will it be a one time thing or will sue see them again who will win her heart blondy or curly ....


11. Chapter 10

After mine and Harry's kiss, we stopped playing truth or dare it was around 9 o'clock and everyone was on there phones it was only then I realised I hadn't checked mine. I quickly grabbed my Samsung galaxy ace from my bag and unlocked it. I had a few Facebook notifications from friends and a couple of texts. The first being from my mum asking how i am I just quickly replied with  fine and that I'm at a friends. The next was from Luke asking how the day has been and if he should wait up I text he back no. And then the final message was from max why can't he leave me alone I dot want to get back with him, what part of that don't he get. I chucked my phone back in my bag and looked at the boys. Louis, zayn and Liam were still on there phone and niall and Harry left the room.

i got up from where I was sitting and walked out to the kitchen to put the kettle on. I stopped outside the door as I heard mumbling. I couldn't make out what they were saying. I decided to be polite and just knock "hello" I heard a husky voice say. I peeped my head round the door and looked at the two boys standing by the counter. "I was just wondering if I could put the kettle on" 




i decided to do some extra chapters no as I can't do anymore till Monday as I have a wedding to attend over the weekend and since Mondays bank holiday I can write a few more chapters then .... Thanks for reading guys please like, favourite and comment and remember  to kik me (lucyfruin98) any ideas you. May have or any questions you want answered -- night night guys 😃 

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